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Grand Finals – The Schedule

We’re only a week away from the biggest eSports event ever held. The Grand Finals are happening April 4th – 6th and it’s about time you received all the relevant information about the tournament progression. Regardless of whether you are a die-hard fan and decide to join us live or sit back with a bucket of popcorn in front of your computer, you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in this event!

We’ve already forwarded you information about the prizes and the Monolith, now it’s time for the next batch of useful information! However, before we introduce you to the schedule, we’ve got a video and some facts that will come in handy if you want to enjoy the Grand Finals to the fullest.


The live stream:

Our event broadcasting is usually available in just one or maybe two languages at max. This time it’ll be different! You will be able to enjoy the action streamed in English, Polish, Russian, Korean and Chinese! This spectrum of officially supported languages should make your experience far more enjoyable, whichever region you’re from.

The broadcasting crew for each language will be made up of professionals dedicated to making this event something you’ll remember for a long time. If you’d like to know more about the English crew, please take a look at their introduction news.


The venue:

If you’re lucky enough to live close by or dedicated enough to come visit us in person from far away, we’re really happy to tell you that entry to the event is free of charge! The cinema complex in the Złote Tarasy shopping centre in Warsaw is really huge and we hope that it will be full the whole time.

Don’t worry about refreshments, the area is full of restaurants and cafés where you can grab a bite to eat as and when you want to. There is even a large supermarket just a few floors below if there is anything in particular that you need throughout the day!


The schedule:

Ok, we’ve covered the first two bits of information we wanted to share and now it’s time to give you the last but no less important part – the schedule of the event. This schedule at the moment contains only placeholders without team names, but you’ll get to know those details first thing in the morning of each day.



In addition, many of you will be happy to know that, based on your feedback, we’ve decided to stop using the QR codes in the portal news related to the Grand Finals. Keep in mind, however, that we will be using the codes for giveaways during the event, so don’t let go of your phones!


The bonus code for this news can be found below. Enjoy and follow up on more information next week!

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that each of the codes released as part of the League Grand Finals promotion can only be used once per account. The above code is valid globally up to a limit of 100,000 activations and is valid only for a restricted time period. If the code is not working for you and you have entered it properly, then the code may have expired. Please stay on the lookout for more hidden QR codes that link to bonus codes!