[Results Update] Win your trip to Tankfest 2018

Winners list: 

Important: if you are on this list, please check your forum messages: your invitation to Tankfest may already be waiting for your there! 

Jamuqa  50

mad_EQUITY  29


_Iron_Skull_ 28

louki13 25

Sochq 24

xeN_ 22

pjuske2613 22

Dinomaiocchi 21

TheBlackJoker 21

ShogunAssassin 20


jirkanovas11 18

Lade_Golde 18

Kumsta_PurpleCrew 17

MatildasDivision 17

grubsonx_1 17

Penetrationsgeraet 17

___Bortecine___ 17

Legolastheking 17

Alkohholik 17

MaRjoT05 16

LoL_Limewire 15

rossoner22   15

If the winners fail to answer within the given deadlines (Thursday 7 June), we will move down the list in order of ranking, until three participants are able to travel to Tankfest. For this reason, even if you are not currently in the top 3, please keep an eye on your forum messages.


Presented by World of Tanks, Tankfest, the world's biggest collection of armoured vehicles is back this year, from 29 June to 1 July. If you fancy seeing some of your favourite tanks, such as the legendary Tiger 131, the tank museum in Bovington will be the place to be! 

Win your VIP ticket!

We are going to offer three of you the unique opportunity to take the trip and have a great time at Tankfest 2018. There, you will enjoy the full VIP experience, which not only includes the show, but also the chance to meet and greet with some of your favourite streamers and YouTubers, and even some stage time! Sound interesting? Let's find out how to get there! 

Contest Rules

To be eligible to enter this contest, you need to be able and willing to travel to the United Kingdom from 29 June to 2 July. The rules of the contest are fairly simple: 

  • Click on the registration button below and sign up with the following bonus code:



  • Collect as many epic medals as you can from 21 to 28 May
  • Only epic medals collected in Tier VIII–X vehicles count. 

The registration code will trigger a special in-game mission, to get you started on your quest to collect the medals. At the end of the contest, 3 participants with the most epic medals collected will receive an invitation to Tankfest (travel and accommodation included). If you're uncertain what an epic medal is, fear not, we have you covered with our achievement guide. Simply click on the epic medals tab, and let us guide you through the list. 

Important: Please make sure you don't have any travel restrictions for travelling to the UK before taking part. If you are unable to go, you will be disqualified. 

If several participants have the same number of medals, the players with the highest average experience during the period will be deemed the winners. Feel free to ask any question you may have about the competition on the forum.


Happy hunting!