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Live Stream: Show Match



Sunday, September 12 at 16:00 CEST (UTC+2)


Hosted by our community contributors: cygan___ (PL), mailand (DE), synop_s (FR) jxcr (ES), and marty_vole (CZ).



Every year on the second Sunday of September, Russia and several countries that once made up the former Soviet Union celebrate Tanker Day, celebrating the service and sacrifices of tank crews and commanders in armored formations. To mark this day, the winners of the most recent WCI Clan Rivals tournament, the EU clan FAME, will be up against their CIS counterpart, MERCY.

The winning team will take home 25,000 USD and500,000for their clan treasury. But, more importantly, they'll bring great honor and glory to their respective region.

Our stream team is busy getting ready for next Sunday's jam-packed Tankfest Online 2021 stream (more details coming soon), so, unfortunately, there won't be an official Tanker Day stream. Not to worry, though! You're in capable hands with our skilled community contributors. cygan___ (PL),mailand(DE), synop_s (FR) jxcr (ES), and marty_vole(CZ) will be streaming the action on their Twitch channels from September 12 at 16:00 CEST (UTC+2).

Match Details


Team Rewards

  • Winner: 25,000 USD + 500,000
  • 2nd place: 15,000 USD + 250,000

Match Format

  • Standard Att/Def (Clan Wars)
  • Best of 9 (10 minutes per battle)
  • The first team to win 5 battles wins.

Vehicle Restrictions

  • Only Tier X tanks
  • No restrictions on vehicle type or nation

Map Pool

  • Live Oaks (added by FAME)
  • Westfield (added by FAME)
  • Ghost Town (added by MERCY)
  • Pearl River (added by MERCY)
  • Prokhorovka
  • Sand River
  • Himmelsdorf
  • Murovanka
  • Cliff

Team Roster

  • 15 players per team
  • Up to 21 players allowed (including 6 substitutes)

Interview with the Team Captains

Want to learn more about the teams? On the eve of the match we sat down with team captains from Near_You (MERCY) and Insane_BTW (FAME) to tell about them themselves and their teams. 

Near_You (MERCY)

Insane_BTW (FAME)

How did you come up with the name of your team? Do you have a motto?

The team name No Mercy is the same as the name of our clan, no big story there.

Our 15v15 team formed in Summer 2018 when the first big tournament in this format was announced.

We are representing the clan FAME which has been dominating every competition in EU since 2014.
Our moto: Deal with it !

How many permanent players do you have, and how many players are on the bench?

There are 15 regular players on the team, but sometimes, depending on the map, we swap a player who doesn't play well on vehicles of particular type, like light tanks or artillery. In such cases, a specialized reserve player takes their place.

There are also reserve players who play very well overall, but this season they are in worse shape than others, so they need to improve a little bit, and that's okay. We respect every reserve player, they are part of the team.

Our team works around a core of 13-14 players.
Every tournament, we give the opportunity to the subs to prove themselves to gain their main spot.

Before each tournament begins, we work hard on deciding our main lineup, in addition to our arty player and 2 substitutes.

How much time do you spend training? When do you train?

The players of the KORM2 team said during their streams that we'd been preparing for the Clan Scuffle for five months, although it's actually been only two. No idea where this information came from. The first training sessions started after we had heard that the summer season was coming soon on the Global Map. As it was always followed by the Clan Scuffle, we decided to revamp the team completely, which is why we started testing and playing with different players in an absolute format in Stronghold Advances. We train from 20:00 to 00:00 MSK and also discuss the maps in our free time. 

It depends on the tournament prizes/rewards, but also on the potential training partners we can get. For the past tournament, we trained for 2 weeks to get up the level we were comfortable at.

We would usually begin around 7pm and train for around 3 hours on average.

How old is the youngest and the oldest member of your team?

The youngest member of our team is 19, and the oldest is over 30—a real old guy among kids. :) 

Our youngest up and coming german superstar in the team is Farin, he is 16 years old.

The oldest members from our team are Schockisch, former DiNG player and Luna, our main arty player, they are both about to turn 28.

The average age of the team is about 23.

Which vehicles do you use in battles the most? Why?

The Chieftain is the most versatile vehicle for any map, which is why we have it at the top of the list. A true #1 OP. During the tournament, the Object 279 became the most used due to the new Field Modification which gave this vehicle an unreal speed rivaling that of medium tanks. On the open maps, the CS-63 and Object 907 still have no peers—their speed, rate of fire, and armor are for the win. 

The tanks we use the most are : Chieftain, Obj907, Obj279, Ebr, CS63.

In the competitive format, those tanks represent 90% of the picks due to their amazing characteristics.

Your favorite map?

The favorite map? We don't have one.
There are maps that we are well, or poorly prepared for! That's why all maps are "good" for our team. The main thing is that everyone understands what needs to be done on it and how the map works. 

One of the maps we enjoy playing a lot is Live Oaks, but we also play a lot on Cliff and Himmelsdorf every tournament.

Do you have any traditions to celebrate victories? Perhaps you meet and celebrate them together?

I hope a tradition will emerge to celebrate every year in China in case of a win. 

Since we have a lot of streamers in our team, they like to stream after the game and celebrate with their viewers.

What are you going to spend your prize on?

I think the majority of players will save up for their needs: schools, cars, houses, apartments. I'll invest in my YouTube channel, so subscribe to Near_You

Real life expenses.

What is your opinion regarding the skill of your opponents? Can you name their strong points?

It was the most difficult and interesting Clan Scuffle I've ever played. The team's level of mastery is simply overwhelming, the number of ideas is limitless! Even when it seems that you've been learning a map for 10 years and know it inside and out, there can still be those who come up with some cool savagery that surprises opponents. MERCY salutes all teams! 

MERCY is known for their very high skill, they are probably the most skilled team on the Russian server right now.

High individual skill level, good fast paced gamestyle, good communication and fast reactions.

Have you played on the EU servers before? What are your impressions of the players here?

HAVE YOU PLAYED ON THE RU SERVER BEFORE? What are your impressions of the players here?

The EU server is a completely different world and a different meta game. What we do, they don't, and vice versa. There's a difference in views and understanding of the nature of this game, and this weekend we'll find out who plays World of Tanks better! Root for No Mercy—we play without mercy! 

I have played few times on russian server mainly for the previous EUvsRU showmatches.

The Russian server has by far the most players in WoT, due to that, they have a lot of high skill players and strong teams.


So what are your predictions? Be there on Sunday to cheer for your champions!