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SYNERGY EU Going Professional

Competitive Gaming
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The team was founded in 2011 and is formed of Russian and Ukrainian players. They are also well known on the Russian World of Tanks server.

SYNERGY EU is currently the 2nd best World of Tanks Pro League team and it should come with no surprise that it didn’t require a long wait to get a professional gaming group interested in their performance. 

The SYNERGY team has signed a contract with team-dignitas which, as many other professional teams, saw World of Tanks as a rising star in the eSports world. They are also known for playing other competitive games. We wish them steady progress in their climb up the ranking ladder and hope that they’ll get even better in the future!

Don’t forget to tune in to the live streams of the World of Tanks Pro League every Monday and Thursday at 19:00 CEST (GMT +2). You can also follow the League on Twitter to get all notifications about coming streams.


Congratulations and good luck!