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Super 6 September Edition Review

The last Super 6 tournament, codenamed “September Edition” has once again managed to beat the participation record! This time more than fourteen thousand virtual tankers attended this Tier VI destruction derby, which was settled in more than ten thousand battles!

It was such a big success that you managed to crush the last record with almost 20% higher attendance!

Stepping away from the statistics, it’s time to get down to another important point – if you didn’t watch the livestream, you most likely want to know how it went and who walked away with the 112,000 first place prize.

The grand final of the September Edition finished with a straight 3:1 victory by Prooo nooby over RAGE. You can see the entire tournament bracket or just the limited 1/8 part of the sheet on the tournament page. This victory by a relatively new team to the World of Tanks eSports arena was a pleasant surprise, especially considering their exceptional performance on the battlefield. It’s worth noting that on their way to victory they managed to defeat SPALE, who regularly top the scoreboards in Wargaming tournaments.


 Thank you for participating and watch out for more tournaments!



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