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Super 6 Finals – Live!

The Finals of the third instalment of the Super 6 begins tomorrow! The Super 6 is a tournament organised by Wargaming EU in which teams of 14 players fight against one another with tanks of tier VI and below and artillery of tier IV and below.

One of the most exciting things about this tournament is that it is the ideal place to take your first steps into eSports. The format is a combination of the “official” eSports rules, and the standard battle mode in the game. You can check out the full rules in our Tournament Section. These rules allow players to execute similar tactics and strategies as random battles and clan wars, but with the highest levels of team work and against the top teams in the EU!

You will be able to see all of this for yourself on our Livestream channel tomorrow the 3rd of November at 18:00 h CET (17:00 GMT), cast by Bump, our eSports Manager at Wargaming Europe:

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What’s going down tomorrow?

Quo Vadis

Kazna Kru


Best of 3 Best of 5
Mines Abbey



The first, second and third place teams will be awarded the Super 6 quarter of the coveted  “EU All Star” medal, and the following Gold prizes:

TeamsPrize (per player)
1st place
2nd place
3rd and 4th palce


Good luck to all the team and see you on the Livestream!