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Super 6 Cup - Stage 1 Battle Report

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As I came into the office on Saturday afternoon, I was excited and nervous with anticipation of the beginning of the new All Stars Series for Europe. At 18:30, the series kicked off with 196 teams consisting of a massive 3329 players competing for the title of the first ever Super 6 tournament champions and to be the first teams to display one quarter of the All Star medal.

It has been a long time since the European community have been able to test their metal in an EU tournament.  However, the ensuing games showed that the quality of play and sportsmanship has not been lost in that time. Highly skilled players who have honed their abilities in Clan Wars clashed on the field of battle and we saw some expected teams wreak havoc on their way to the 4th round whilst a few upsets saw some top teams fall in the trenches early on to skilled newcomers.

Throughout the three opening rounds the initial 196 teams were whittled down to the last 32.  Here is the line-up for the fourth round:













[OPNV] Fahrscheinkontrolleure

Tesla Power

United French Soldiers               

=BiA=Steel panthers Cz/Svk

Black Devils

Panzerknacker All Stars

Tankový prapor CZ-SK  




Red Tide Medium Dream Team

28. Brigáda TGM

Polish Sons of Liberty


The Original Campers

1SBP Ciamciaramciam Squad

Golden Hind



Cap hunters

OM's fourteen

KellerKinder K-_-K


1stPAD The A-Team

Siły Zbrojne RP [SZRP] 

Marskin Nyrkki               




Ace of Spades


Visit the Super 6 Cup page to see the fulls listings and results for each round.

My recommendation for the game to watch in the 4th round will be:

1SBP ESL - V.s - Red Tide Medium Dream Team

Both these teams have proven themselves in the competitive scene time and time again; both teams have a formidable line-up of players with some very scary statistics. This match is going to be a monster!

From my own point of view I have learned a lot during the first rounds of the tournament (I hope that people didn’t mind playing Mines twice instead of once!). Over all, the response has been very positive and I was very happy to see the respect that teams showed each other by keeping to the rules (mostly!). I will make sure that the system only gets better and smoother in the future!

See you this Saturday for the next stage of the Super 6!

Good luck and have fun!