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WGLRU Streaming Week

Season Three of the League Russia is slowly coming to a close, with the scoreboard staying really tight between half of this season’s participants.

NA’VI and Hellraisers have managed to be flawless so far, enjoying nothing but victories, but the other teams aren’t too far behind in terms of points. So every shot, shell and ricochet in this coming week of battles could be the difference between glory and failure!

This week you can watch all the teams in action with four days of match streaming. The teams will play every day from Wednesday 25 February to Saturday 28 February. Each day will feature two matches and the stream will start at 19:00 CET.

Tune in to our WGLRU Twitch channel to watch the teams fight it out for a place in the offline finals. Don’t worry if your Russian is rusty – the commentary is in English.


Don’t miss out on this clash of titans!