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Changes to the Special Battles Economy

The weekly tournaments, a new way to make credits and experience


With the introduction of update 9.12 an important change was made to all the Tournaments that are run by Wargaming using our tournament system:

  • You now earn credits and experience in tournaments
  • You don't pay any repair costs

This is great news, as you can now participate in all weekly tournaments without fear of losing your credits. On the contrary, your in-game wallet will thank you, as all our tournaments will now be extremely profitable, no matter how well you fare on the battlefield. You can now focus on the win without calculations or restraints. Of course, all of this comes on top of all the potential rewards that our contests have to offer... Gold, credits, experience, it looks like we now cover the whole package!


Need even better news? This change is already live and there is still time to register to the Fun Cup this week.


Rejoice and Roll out!