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Simplifying the Super 6 Tournament

We are pleased to announce that we have reviewed the process for the Super 6 tournament and we have decided to make the process much more simple.  The following changes should make the tournament a lot easier to understand and all should now become very clear.

The changes are as follows:

  • There will now be a series of pre-qualifiers and qualifiers that are completely interchangeable.  Teams will need to jump through several hurdles, pass through the obstacle course and put on a show of interpretive dance before they can play.
  • There will be two Celebrity Deathmatch teams.  Celebrity Deathmatch rounds will be shown on prime time television and will feature teams of celebrities living in the muddy wilds of Prokhorovka for a week whilst being subjected to thematic tasks such as performing tank maintenance whilst under fire (all ammunition will be live of course).
  • One team will be a secret.  Because it’s a secret.  Rumours of international espionage agents infiltrating the European tournaments are exaggerated.
  • Once qualified, the teams will be split into multiple groups, who will play several rounds against each other and, on occasion, themselves.  Teams will gain points for winning, drawing, looking good and for telling the funniest joke during the battle.
  • After all matches have been played, a series of verification and pre-final battles will be held.  Battles will involve the teams throwing custard pies at each other until one team submits.
  • The Glorious Finals will be held at a glorious location to be gloriously announced.  Glory will be the name of the game as the glorious victor takes away the glorious spoils.
  • Losers will be sent to the Humiliation Corner where the winners can mock them mercilessly and shoot them with nerf guns.

To help you understand the new process, here is a helpful infographic:

We hope you all agree that the new process is much simpler than the old one and we look forward to seeing you on the battlefields.

Enjoy the new and improved Super 6, commanders!