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Silver Series Highlight – The Wild Bunch

Today exceptionally, we meet one of the most dedicated Silver Series teams: The Wild Bunch. Not only are they serious contenders for a spot in the Gold Series next season, but they are also very active on the community level, and regularly publish inspiring videos, tutorials and engaging content for everyone to enjoy. Two months ago, they amazed us with their outstanding video trailer for season 2, and very recently, they started producing a high quality World of Tanks series on their Youtube channel called "Learn WOT mistakes", which we are happy to feature right here for you!

The leader of The Wild Bunch, Nebojsa 'mr_Kela' Filipovic, is also a committed eSports contributor. Amongst other activities, he manages the very popular eSports fan page on facebook, on which (spoilers alert) you can very often win goldin various contests!

Despite his busy schedule, Mr_Kela kindly agreed to answer some of our burning questions:

Can you tell us more about the Silver Series?

"As you can see this season in the Gold series, the teams that qualified from Silver put up an impressive performance. They can compete with the standard Gold teams. In my opinion, the Silver series is going to grow in every way. This season, we already have 4 or 5 excellent teams, but the entire series will improve a lot and we will see good battles.

I'm convinced that the Silver Series needs more e-media attention and a bit better rewards, because it represents a very important step in the evolution of the League in general. There are some uncut diamonds in Silver."

Do you think your team, The Wild Bunch, will qualify for Gold Series?

"Will we qualify? I don't know, but I hope we will. We try to give our best possible performance everytime we hit the battlefield.

I always tell my team: 'I don't want to join the Gold Series just to be crushed by everyone'. I want TWB to become a worthy opponent, so the bigger teams don’t feel like they have won the match before it even started.

My second ambition is for us to develop our own playstyle, so the viewers can enjoy watching us and truly say: 'I love the way they play!'."

Who is the biggest rival for TWB?

"There are quite a lot of hard nuts in the Silver Series, but our biggest Rival would probably be 'Cyborg Factory'. They are excellent, and we have quite a history with them. I would say that right now, the score is somewhat tied! I don’t want to reveal too much, but we do like to play aggressive, sometimes too much for our own good..."

Anything else you would like to share?

"In our Youtube series, "Learn WOT Mistakes", Mitch “Uber” Leslie, the League EU caster, will be the voice of the introduction and Vladimir “Zm0R” Zivanovic, the Silver and Bronze series caster, will give us his voice for the analysis part. I would like to thank both of them. We hope that you will all find the videos interesting and enjoyable. If you have good replays of your eSports team or clan matches, we would be grateful if you could send them to us at "". We will analyse them and share them with the community."



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