Tournaments: Upcoming Schedule Changes


Summer is ending, and autumn brings a fresh wind of change! This month, we are going to implement a new schedule for our weekly competitive activities.

New weekly schedule

Starting 3 September, the following changes will apply: 

  • The regular daily tournament days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • The playoffs of the Monday tournaments are played on the Tuesday. 
  • The playoffs of the Wednesday tournaments are played on the Thursday.
  • On Fridays, both the group stage and the playoffs are played. 
  16:00 CEST 18:00 CEST 20:00 CEST
Monday 1v1 - Tier VI (group stage) 2v2 - Tier VI (group stage) 3v3 - Tier VI (group stage)
Tuesday 1v1 - Tier VI (playoffs) 2v2 - Tier VI (playoffs) 3v3 - Tier VI (playoffs)
Wednesday 1v1 - Tier  VIII (group stage) 2v2 - Tier VIII (group stage) 3v3 - Tier VIII (group stage)
Thursday 1v1 - Tier VIII (playoffs) 2v2 - Tier VIII (playoffs) 3v3 - Tier VIII (playoffs)
Friday 1v1 - Tier VI 2v2 - Tier VI 5v5 - Tier VI 

Special tournaments

KV-2 (R), Tiger 131, T92, do these sound familiar? Occasionally, a premium tournament will put your team to the test. These competitions will allow their winners to win some of the newest premium releases. You can expect another very soon! 

Premium week! 

Big game hunters read up! The second week of September will be a premium week. Which means, from 10 September to 14 September the traditional tournament rewards will be temporarily boosted to offer some fine premium vehicles to the winners: 

You will find all the tournaments that are currently open in the "Tournament" section of the portal. From there, you will also be able to check the upcoming tournaments, as well as the latest news about competitive gaming.

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