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Gold Series Season 5 Goes Live

Twelve teams. The veterans and the newcomers; the meticulous tacticians and down-to-earth battlefield reapers. They are all getting ready for the upcoming challenge. The time for the Gold Series Season 5 has come!

The best of the League teams have been in heavy training for weeks in anticipation of this moment and you should start preparing too! Season 5 games will start from 17 November at 18:30 CET (UTC+1) and happen every Monday and Thursday.

WGL in a Nutshell

The League is the heart of the World of Tanks competitive scene. Each region hosts its own games in Bronze, Silver and Gold Series. Everyone with an account on the EU server is allowed to participate in the Bronze Series games.

The system is simple. Good performance in the Bronze Series can get you to the Silver Series. At the end of the WGL season, the best Silver Series teams will have a chance to progress to the Gold Series.

The teams fight using the new 7/54 format with tanks of Tiers VI-VIII. All games are played in Assault mode on maps with two base circles on the defenders’ side. 

For the full rules, please refer to the Electronic Sports League website!

Season Five

In this season you’ll see some battle-scarred veterans as well as total newcomers to the Gold Series. The selection is truly excellent and we’re sure that they’ll deliver magnificent performances!

Drooling Leprechauns

Deep Tranquility

Evil Panda Squad


Kazna Kru






WASD Gaming


The Show

For everyone who is eager to follow, you’ll be happy to hear that we’ve got our tireless trio on the job again!

There are many great reasons to follow the games live. Some watch and cheer for their favourite teams, others want to learn from the best and apply Gold Series tactics to their own games.

Some also follow the special contests surrounding the League, in order to win in-game gold, Premium vehicles and Premium Account time (Just follow our Facebook, Twitter and the stream when we’re live to find out more about these contests!)

Regardless of your personal reason, watch the Gold Series every Monday and Thursday starting 17 November at 18:30 CET!

If you want to participate, we haven’t forgotten about you! The Silver Series and Bronze Series games will kick off 8 December and last until mid-February. More information about the games will be published in the coming weeks.