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Gold Series Highlight – Rusty Roster

Rusty Roster is one of the newest teams in the Gold Series. Coming straight from the depths of the Silver Series, they have battled their way through the fiercest opponents to get here today and they fully understand what it takes to stay on top. Their objective for the season is clear: secure the spot. Once this is done, they will have plenty of time to consider how to reach the higher ranks. Rusty Roster is the last Polish team of the Gold Series Highlights for this season. Today, we meet the players in the team and try to learn a little bit more about them. Before we get to do this though, let's enjoy their recent performance against another Polish team in the League: Stronk Siema.


Watch them play versus Stronk Siema in a recent WGL match!

Meet the team


The leader of the team, Basistaa

"Hi, my name is Kacper and I am 25 years old. I've already finished my studies and now I'm working as a professional musician at the Opera House in Poznań. I’ve been playing in the League for one year now. I started by creating a team with my clanmates, but it eventually became not enough for me, so I joined the Silver Series team R-Room. The team had its ups and downs and the crucial point came in the middle of the last Silver Season when the team was about to fall apart. Together with a few remaining players who really wanted to achieve something big, we managed to rise up again after this struggle. We ended up beating ASAP and WUSA in the relegation matches, which gave us a place in the Gold Series.

I really enjoy World of Tanks, because it’s the most tactical competitive game I've ever seen, and from my early stages of gaming I was always playing strategy games. Now I can use my tactical awareness to be a commander at the professional level. I really advise every WoT player to try the 7v7 format and the ESL tournaments, because that’s where this game shines, with all the teamplay, skill and strategic depth. If you really like challenges, gather your friends, sign up for the go4wot and the Bronze Series and fight your way to the top, like we did."




"Hello, my name is Mateusz Lewandowski, from Poland.

My statistics in game are not very good, but my strength is communication with the other players. Im my opinion its very important to listen to the commander during the battles.

I only have one hobby and it's playing computer games and trying to improve. I gained a lot of experience, which very much helped me with playing in a team. My goal is to become much better and show everyone what I can do."







"Hey. My name is Krystian. I live in Wroclaw, I'm 18 years old. I am a student. I'm intrested in history, sports, and of course e-sports. My adventure with esports started in "America's Army" 6 years ago, then I started play M&B Warband.

I have been playing World of Tanks since the end of 2012. My favorite tanks are the T54 lt and the Obj. 140.

Who will win the Season ? I think Kazna Kru has the biggest chance currently, but after the format change, it is hard to predict."




The rest of the roster

Figo, Prosto, Hiero, Lifidus, Panarcin, POLzwed, Soczek


Current standings of the team

Tough beginnings for Rusty Roster in the Gold Series, as they lost four of their first five matches. However, apart from a crushing defeat versus Kazna (0-5), all their losses were close calls: 4-5 versus Knäckebröd, 4-5 versus Ding, and 3-5 versus Utopia. It goes without saying that the team will have adjusted their play and corrected some of their flaws for the second half of the season. If they can just slightly raise their level of play and turn these rather short defeats into victories, then they should be able to reach their goal and stay in the Gold Series, where they belong.


Watch their next Matches live on the WGL EU channel !

versus Out of Range on 14 January at 19:00 CET.

versus Tornado Rox on 19 January at 22:00 CET.

versus Wombats on Tanks on 25 January at 20:30 CET.




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The Season finals will be upon us in February!