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Rumble in the West


Our champions can never get enough tank warfare and to cater to their competitive needs, we decided to give them a chance to participate in the farewell ceremony. What better way to part ways than with a tournament? That’s it - the time has come to Rumble in the West.

Each region ran its own separate qualifiers. Two teams have emerged victorious in each of the regions and will fly to Poland to represent their servers on 25 October at the Poznań Game Arena fair. 

There is not only fame, but also a grand prize at stake!




25,000 USD


12,500 USD


7,500 USD


5,000 USD

We didn’t forget about you, the World of Tanks eSports fans! Every time there is any big tournament final or eSports event, we make sure you get all the action delivered straight to you in the comfort of your home. The event will be live-streamed
 and on top of that, you can expect various contests and events held using our social media channels. Stay tuned, enjoy eSports and don’t miss out on gold, Premium Account time and those lovely credit-making Premium tanks!


More details will become available soon. Stay on the lookout!