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Rumble in the West: Commentators’ Expectations

The battle between the North American and European servers is about to commence. Which team will walk away with the title “Best of the West”? Find out 25 October at the Poznań Game Arena in Poznań , Poland. We caught up with the host Joshua “Clutch” Gray and the two commentators Lauren “Pansy” Scott and Oliver “Laughter” Maxfield for the low down.


Oliver “Laughter” Maxfield:

With the conclusion of Season 4 of the Wargaming League Europe (WGLEU) came the biggest upset since Season 1, where Schoolbus took down the so far undefeated champions Virtus.PRO, 4-3. Undoubtedly Virtus.PRO will be out for blood and gunning for 1st place but they will also have to contend with some very promising talent from the North America region in the form of The Cunninghams and Burn All Empires. My dark horse for this tournament has to be The Cunninghams - they showed real passion in the qualifiers and could certainly upset in Poznań , Poland. If you’re a North American tank fan or a European one - grab your popcorn and get ready to find out who’s the best of the West.


Joshua “Clutch” Gray:

“This fall is definitely the season of change in the Wargaming League North America (WGLNA). After a whirlwind of upsets at the Season 4 finals, the Rumble in the West qualifiers featured more upsets. In the end The Cunninghams and Burn All Empires proved their worth to represent the American region. They face their toughest challenge yet - the top two EU teams. Logic demands the selection of Virtus.PRO to win the tournament, but logical predictions proved incorrect during the Season 4 finals for both the WGLNA & WGLEU. The Cunninghams bested SIMP to make it to the Rumble in the West semi-finals. Not an easy task. The dark horse is Burn All Empires. They have the potential, but their seasonal track record makes them a tough pick to win. However, here in America, we love to root for the underdog. Many American World of Tanks players want to believe our best teams can square off against the Europeans. Schoolbus and Virtus.PRO are worthy opponents, but Burn All Empires and The Cunninghams are in the belief business.”


  Lauren “Pansy” Scott:

“Coming into the Rumble in the West we finally get our questions answered, NA or EU. Everyone loves a good game of tanks but let’s be serious about this, we also love the rivalry of the regions. Schoolbus and VirtusPro are the juggernauts of the EU region, sweeping everyone aside in the recent Season Finals and claiming the first and second place. If there is going to be a point to prove who is the best, we have the ideal candidates, with them facing off against The Cunninghams and Burn All Empires who have been causing waves across the pond. Personally I love the subtle nuances in action from region to region and now I have the distinct pleasure to cast it. I for one cannot wait to see these teams go head to head to claim the bragging rights to who truly is the best! Let’s see who will come out on top in Poznań !”


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