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Rolling Goats Going Professional

The eSuba multiclan,as they call themselves, was established in August 2004, and since then has managed to grow with success, assembling teams in several games throughout the years.

The Rolling Goats is the first Czech team and the fourth European team to join the professional World of Tanks eSport scene! The Rolling Goats were very active participants in the A-series tournaments during the past months and managed to grind their way to the World of Tanks Pro League that way!

We are proud to announce that the Rolling Goats will no longer be known under their old name. From now on they will be fighting as part of the eSuba team! VooDooZ, captain of the eSuba team will now have the chance to prove that the Czech community can kick ass!

Although the Rolling Goats haven’t managed to achieve any top position in any of the main or Electronic Sport League tournaments before, we hope that this success is only the first in a long line of victories to come.


Congratulations and good luck!