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Red Tide Going Professional

MYM – are one of the biggest international eSports teams at the moment mainly from their success in League of Legends. They finished first in the IEM Singapore and they are confident to take the title again in Katowice.  

We are proud to announce that the eSports team Red Tide [RT]  has been officially taken under the wings of the professional eSports team, Meet your Makers [MYM]. We would like to congratulate  Red Tide on this amazing achievement which marks an important milestone of the EU eSport community progress.

Currently there are only several World of Tanks professional teams in the world and Red Tide has repeatedly proven that they are amongst the very best. It gives us pride that the EU community has formed a team outstanding enough in performance to be recognized as professional players. Many of you are probably wondering now, what does this mean for Red Tide? It simply means that the members of this team can now say that they earn a living from the game that they originally just played for fun.

Once again, we would like to congratulate the team and everyone that made this happen!

And now commanders, watch the IEM competition and maybe you will learn some useful tips from the professional players?