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Registration for the Play your Way tournament is now open!  


Wargaming and Razer have come together to organise a unique World of Tanks tournament where the players can actively shape the event and win real money. As a reminder, the team that places 1st will receive $1,500, and $1,000 will go to the finalists. Lucky them! 

Last week, the community was asked to take a poll to decide which Tier will be played. Today we are happy to share the results and open registration to everyone:


Based on the number of votes, the tier selected for this tournament is Tier V - medium.





The cup will be played in a 5 v 5 format on 19 September. You have a week to gather your friends and join! All the details, including the prize list, will be provided on the registration page. Gold, cash, and glory await...







Roll out!