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Razer Cup 2: August


Fancy joining an action-packed competition with a highly rewarding outcome? We have just the thing. Let your shells loose in an all-out battle for the ultimate prize in the Razer Arena. The registration period for the August Razer Cup opens today. Do not think it out for too long – if you don't have the courage to battle for a prize, others will have it instead!



(The tournament will start one week after the registration opens)


  • 1st : Matilda IV600and $600 per player.
  • 2nd : Matilda IV, 500and $300 per player.
  • 3rd : 400
  • 4th : 300
  • 5th 200
  • 6th : 200
  • 7th 100
  • 8th : 100


This Razer Cup is a 7v7 tournament, played on Tier X, in the WGL format: 7/68. As you can see, the top two teams will go home with some real money! That should allow the lucky winners to make their gaming space more comfortable, by getting some top-notch Razer gear to ensure their future domination on the battlefield!