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World of Tanks PMC Cup

The gaming and eSports winter will be hot! For the first time, PmC will host a World of Tanks cup on 12 December. Do you know what to do?

...That's right! Sign up, and grab some amazing prizes!




Before you jump on the opportunity, please take a moment to read everything you need to know:


1st Place: €280 (euros)

2nd Place: Lioncast LM20 Gaming-Mouse (x7)

3rd Place: 40 000

4th Place: 25 000

5th-8th Place: 10 000

Note: prizes are per team, not per player.

But that is not all! The tournament will be livestreamed! A veteran community member, gRuMM3l, is the designated caster for this event. Don’t hesitate to visit his twitch channel if you want to get to know him a little better before he casts your games!

Tournament information:

- Registration is open until 12 December at 11:45 CET.

- The tournament starts on 12 December at 13:00 CET.

- Battle format: 7v7, attack/defence.

- Battletime: 10 minutes.

- Teams: 7 + 3

- Tier X, 7/68 points, the same as the League format.

- Map pool : Ghost Town, Himmelsdorf, Cliff, Mines, Steppes, Prokhorovka.



If you want to participate you have to be registered on the PMC Cup page.

If you need some players for your team, or if you are looking for a team, you can use the PmC Cup Board.

You can find more information and updates on the PMC Cup website directly or on their official Facebook page (in german only).


Enjoy the warm winter!