Paysafecard's Clan Rivals: Meet the Winners

27/11 Update: meet your champions, commanders! Both tournament and giveaway winners are displayed right below!

Here's what FAME's captain Insane_BTW has to say about this competition: 

"We enjoyed having a longer tournament involving 5 days total compared to we got in the past, a lot of teams took it seriously with the stake proposed. It was a better competition, I'm giving a global positive feedback and I'm looking forward to what's coming up next. We are really happy to show that we are back on the top with the main squad and we are hungry for more competition!"

Giveaway Winners

Thank you all for having participated in our numerous giveaways throughout this intense week of competition. Check the winners' list below to see if you're among the lucky ones! 

Out of security, we cannot display full names if you didn't provide a nickname. But all the winners will soon receive an email on the address used for registration! 

Giveaway Winners




Robert €100 Paysafecard voucher
PauC1 €100 Paysafecard voucher
Dominik €100 Paysafecard voucher
_Bendy_ €100 Paysafecard voucher
Cristian €100 Paysafecard voucher
Sascha €100 Paysafecard voucher
Erik €100 Paysafecard voucher
100saber91 €100 Paysafecard voucher
Dorian €100 Paysafecard voucher
Mihai €100 Paysafecard voucher
Nagy €100 Paysafecard voucher
Commander €100 Paysafecard voucher
Aleksandar €100 Paysafecard voucher
Bulent €100 Paysafecard voucher
Murat Birkan €100 Paysafecard voucher
Vasso €100 Paysafecard voucher
Max €100 Paysafecard voucher
Mariusz €100 Paysafecard voucher
Odins €100 Paysafecard voucher
Peroo11 €100 Paysafecard voucher
Luka €100 Paysafecard voucher
Rytis €100 Paysafecard voucher
Vincent €100 Paysafecard voucher
Niko €100 Paysafecard voucher
Jeffrey €100 Paysafecard voucher
Andrej Lovro €100 Paysafecard voucher
Towdi711 €100 Paysafecard voucher
Dusan €100 Paysafecard voucher
Sebastian €100 Paysafecard voucher
derivas76 €100 Paysafecard voucher
Marek €100 Paysafecard voucher
noutik €100 Paysafecard voucher
Mizet €100 Paysafecard voucher
Dawid €100 Paysafecard voucher
freecien €100 Paysafecard voucher
trexas €100 Paysafecard voucher
panzerhaubi €100 Paysafecard voucher
derhandi €100 Paysafecard voucher
takisobie54321 €100 Paysafecard voucher
Patryk €100 Paysafecard voucher
Niklas €100 Paysafecard voucher
Barmingmag €100 Paysafecard voucher
Daniel 500 Paysafecard voucher

1000 Paysafecard voucher

0LDKings_WDYM €100 Paysafecard voucher
Rysi3k_ €100 Paysafecard voucher
Koma_TookYourProvince €100 Paysafecard voucher
Monster_YOLO 40 Paysafecard voucher
matrach125 €100 Paysafecard voucher
_Consume €100 Paysafecard voucher
sakalito €100 Paysafecard voucher
Sigo_ 40 Paysafecard voucher
Darko_EZ 40 Paysafecard voucher
Doctor_Nix €100 Paysafecard voucher
Papapawian €100 Paysafecard voucher
sakalito €100 Paysafecard voucher
_JackkOfDoom 40 Paysafecard voucher
Call_me_Piotr €40 Paysafecard voucher
jaeckefa €100 Paysafecard voucher
Alcohero €100 Paysafecard voucher
Insane_BTW €100 Paysafecard voucher
Fabkasten 40 Paysafecard voucher
CAU_CSEM_NAHLO €40 Paysafecard voucher
CAU_CSEM_DELFIN €40 Paysafecard voucher
R4dim_is_GreatAgain €100 Paysafecard voucher
LuNA_The_WoRsT_CL1cKeR €100 Paysafecard voucher
Cau_Jsem_Xillka €40 Paysafecard voucher
Duck_of_death €40 Paysafecard voucher
sakalito 500 Paysafecard voucher
Padger94 €50 Paysafecard voucher
_Consume €50 Paysafecard voucher
Papapawian €50 Paysafecard voucher
lucas_WDYM 50 Paysafecard voucher
Chessgenie 300 Paysafecard voucher


Can you hear them bark their way into battle? The war dogs of Paysafecard's Clan Rivals are ready. But are you? You'd better be, since we have a whole week of streams coming your way! Follow the action from November 18 through 23 for your dose of tanking epicness.

Streaming Schedule 





























All times displayed above are CET (UTC+1).

Here's where we're at today. Make sure to keep coming back to this article until the big finals on November 23 to stay up to date with the latest twists of this new iteration of Clan Rivals:


The Teams

Who better than the captains themselves to talk about their teams? Check out what each of them had to say about their clan, favourite tanks, maps, and expectations for the competition!

  • DE-VI
  • CSA
  • MVPS
  • FAME
  • DE-VI
  • NOMI
  • MVPS
  • PVS


Hey, I'm call_me_Piotr, captain of INVIL for this tournament. I'm playing WoT since 2012 with approximately 100,000 total battles on my account over the years, playing all the different modes. I'm a member of the former Pro League and WGL team KAZNA KRU. Currently, I mostly play the EBR 105 so I can hunt artillery, on city maps I like the Chieftain. INVIL is a pretty new team and we are looking for achievements and emotional moments, we will for sure show the viewers that you can count on us as a serious contender for the first place.

I'm curious about meeting other Polish clans in the tournament like MVPS and maybe PVS or NOMI if they win the qualifier. To prove how strong we are, we have to also show that we can perform against FAME. My favourite map is Cliff because it is one of the old maps from 7v7 times, that is very fast and hard skill-wise, you can be sure to always have a lot of action on this map. I think our team is pretty comfortable to play other maps like Ensk aswell. We have a strong composition of four field commanders including KECAJ_, Dawid_GO, NeVeR_EaSyCarry and myself. We are all very comfortable playing EBR 105, with p1otrix and Rexar_EasyCarry we also have great snipers that could play Strv 103B or Leopard 1, if needed.

Our Streamers: call_me_piotr and rysi3k 


(Delicious Vicious)

Hey I'm Uroš "__Magmaa" Pečarević, from Serbia, one of the captains in DE-VI, playing World of Tanks since 2013 and together as a team of players from the Balkan countries for around 2 years now. For me, the most enjoyable tank was always the FV215b, nowadays I'm mostly enjoying playing the Obj. 907 and BatChat 25t. The most enjoyable and emotional moment for the team certainly was winning the last game on Himmelsdorf versus FAME in the last Clan Rivals final match and securing the title for the first time.

I'm hoping to meet FAME in the finals, surely it will be a great match as they will seek revenge. Our games with CSA are always thrilling and finally INVIL, as they have been looking pretty good over the last months. I enjoy preparing for Prokhorovka the most, as the map has a lot of possibilities, but games on Cliff are always the most interesting for the team as it tends to be messy brawls and therefore promotes quick reactions. Doctor_Nix on arty by now is quite a known factor in our team as he deserved that reputation by being the best clicker in Europe.

Our Streamer: Doctor_Nix


Hey I´m Michael "sakalito" Holý and I try to be the commander of this madhouse, which is called CSA. Started to play WoT in 2012 on a rainy day. Professional steak eater. My favourite tank would definitely be T-100 LT but unfortunately, there is the EBR in the game, so I'm most of the time stuck with that or another very balanced tank. Apart from some second places from clan scuffles, our biggest achievement is definitely that the core of CSA is still together after some years and nobody tried to kill anyone.

There is not really a specific match or enemy we are looking for the most, but no matter who we meet, definitely looking forward to the final game, can't wait! :p I don't really have preferred maps, but I will make sure that we will hit you hard on whatever battlefield you choose against us. Our players? Oh, we definitely have lot of special guys in here. If u see a flipped light tank on the roof that would be probably Sigo, followed by Kosmo. Artillery most likely Svitman, rest is very variable, but still special.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Our streamers: froly_, svitman, dexterq_, sakalito (the last one is really amazing)


Hey, I'm Patrick, or "PJay_InReal", captain of the TRAST team and commander of the German TRVST community. I'm playing the game since the beta and recently my favourite tanks have been fast tanks like the Object 277, for competitive games I enjoy playing the EBR 105. Our most emotional moments have been our victory over THROW (also known as MVPS) and former GX (now DE-VI) in the Soldiers of Fortune tournament, where we reached the finals as TRVST and our recent change from TRVST to TRAST, where we lost some of our companions to another clan, but re-united even stronger as the clan we are now, not only in the game but also as a group of friends.

We would like to face MVPS or CSA during the early stage, which are strong enemies to beat and have been there forever. Most interesting ones will be INVIL and FAME right now, we hope to deliver a great fight. Best of luck also to the German-speaking team from DE-VI. I personally like Ensk the most, as it is a map that you can approach in very different ways and a map on which the meta changed a lot over the last tournaments. I will lead the team together with our co-captain N0HIT_Shay_Mitchell, supported by our shot callers Bensotzy_ and N0HIT_Noahinho.

Our streamerspjay_inreal, benso_2, matunyx_wdym, lucas_wdym, jaeckefa


Hey, I'm Sanqinior, playing World of Tanks for 7 years already and started playing on the highest level of competitive games in 2015. One of the last top Polish players playing from the very beginning of the game. In clan battles, I play a lot of EBR 105 but I love playing mediums tanks such as the UDES15/16 which gave me a great replay that made we win the 2019 Tank Festival Replay Contest. Other WoT highlights are for sure drowning my EBR in a 15 vs 15 tournaments and playing together with the old MVPS team since the beginning of the clan. 

We are the kind of team that can win against everyone on a good day and have problems against everyone on a bad day. We are motivated to show our skill during this tournament and looking forward to have some great fights. Ensk can for sure be one of the most interesting maps, but Cliff is one of the all-time favourites as well, being the fastest one and as you every time end up having gigantic brawls - you will never have a boring game on this map. Our team is mostly built by old MVPS players playing with each other for a really long time, we have very good arty players which are for sure some of the best on the server.

Our streamers: sanqinior, piotr40000, czek_is_greatgain


Hey, I'm Insane, French team captain, tactician and field commander for the FAME team. I started playing in 2013, I've been ex WGL pro player for more than 2 years and main 15v15 FC for the FAME clan since summer 2018. The B-C 25t is with over 4200 random battles my most played tank. I also love the Chieftain as a very versatile and powerful tank. Our biggest achievement as a team was winning the WG Fest 2018 Supercup at Moscow, showing that EU can not only compete with the Russians but beat them as well. We are impatient to see what INVIL can bring, the team has some potential and can be a dangerous contender for the title.

My favorite map is Live Oaks, I think the design is interesting and there are still opportunities to play some new innovating stuff on it. The strongest map of the team is obviously Himmelsdorf, we are confident and always up to play on it.The biggest strength of our team is our experience combined with the great team play, also we know how to prepare in a good way and react on any situation. Our main light player is KamilEater and we have LuNA_The_WoRsT_CL1cKeR sitting on the red line, special thanks to Niall designing the team camo.

Our streamersKamilEater, PaPaPawian, Aniallator, Decha, FeLi_ , Insane_BTW, Kajzoo


(Destiny Vision)

My name is Jan - in-game I am known as Kaliummangel and do the main in-game leading for DE-VI international. I have been playing since early 2013 and playing in clans with friends is my main motivation to keep playing. Co-leaders of the team are Koma who shot-calls and 0ldkings who handles the organization. Together we also prepare the tactics. The Obj. 907 is my favorite tank because of its mobility, DPM and the troll armor which overall makes it a very strong tank and very viable in competitive modes. When leading, you will most likely find me in 279, Chief or 907 because those require way less attention than for example an EBR 105 thereby enabling me to focus more on leading. On top of that, they are easier to play, thus perfectly fitting my playstyle Kappa.

Since this is our first time playing together as a team, there are no achievements as such to show off yet. Nonetheless, the qualification for this tournament is a nice start and we see it as a stepping stone to future bragging rights. Many of the core team have some experience with each other though, as we already had some nice synergies going in TRVST where we even got to play against a top team from the CIS region in the Soldiers of Fortune Tournament. If we were to reach the finals, we would love to play against our clan mates from the DE-VI Balkan Team to prove just how strong our Clan really is as a whole, being able to compete with anyone on the server. Also, we would like to see TRAST matched against us sometime during the tournament, since many of us share a common past with them and still have close relations. The map we are most excited about is Ensk because it leaves little to no room for individual misplays or player mistakes.

Our streamers: OLDkings, alq4traz, HILLARYous__, DADDY_BUNZE, RickOShe, Warbaby_


Hey, my name is Tomasz "Crazy_EaSyCarry" Boguszewski. I am from Poland and have been captain the NOMI main team for 2 tournaments now. I started playing World of Tanks in December 2011 on NA server and moved to EU in 2013. I've started playing more competitively in 2018. While I mainly play artillery when leading, my favorite tank actually is the 907. Shout out to Doctor_Nix from DE-VI whom I'd love to challenge to a friendly duel to find out who truly is the best clicker. Our biggest achievement as a team is probably our consistency - whenever we take part in a competition, we always reach the quarterfinals. The culmination of that is of course meeting FAME in the finals of the clan scuffle 2018.

Notable (aka "special") players in our team would be sokol_ who never finishes a target when calling just that since he has trouble penetrating his shots. With RnG always being on his side he still carries often though, just like DeanAmbrose who always dies first. His secret plan is to focus on shot calling and raging, both of which he excels at. And while sokar_EasyCarry excels at damage dealing, P4nc3rn1k is our main motivator who is responsible for a good atmosphere on TS. Regarding this tournament, we are not afraid of anyone. If we were to pick our opponents, it would most likely be the MVPS or INVIL teams as they are Polish as well. While our favorite map is Prokhorovka as the tactical possibilities there are sheer endless, our strongest map is actually Live Oaks.The map we are most curious about is Karelia although it most likely won't be played as much since most teams are probably afraid of the camp the Russians pulled off at the WG Fest this year.

Our streamersRuen_, Crazy_EasycarryTomek_DaSzerszenI_am_op_nerf_meTomik_MVP


Second team

Hey, I'm Pralka_ playing World of Tanks since 2014. I started playing in top Polish clans very late since 2018 but learned fast and playing now for a Polish top clan in MVPS. I'm mostly playing medium tanks, at the moment my favourites are the STB-1 and the Object 907. As a very young team we are not having any big achievments for now but winning qualifications and later games in this tournament will be able to change it, especially if we can beat INVIL which we want to face the most.

Our team has only little tournament experience but we are hungry to win in a tournament so you can expect everything from us. I think my favorite map is Cliff, because you will always have interesting games with fast gameplay. Keep an eye on talar_ our main light player who can carry games on his own.

Our streamers: Ubaubauu, Misieki_


Hey, I'm Stalowy_YOLO, executive officer and team captain in PVS, I am playing WoT since 2012 and my favorite tank is the Conqueror Gun Carriage. <3 The funniest moments for us are usually, when one of our players flips their tanks or vlc_mensa drives into a stone with his EBR 105 on Lakeville again.

The Clan which we like the most is 5TAR5, we would like to play with them but unfortunately, they were not able to move up to the final. We consider INVIL as the strongest Polish team right not, so let's not meet them too early. My favourite map is Mines, where I can use arty shells like a pickaxe. We have a strong EBR's players which are able to carry the battles like MONSTER_YOLO, HighDestruction, Yamikaisu and in the worst case vlc_mensa :p

Our streamers: Kawasaki_YOLO, VIC_MENSA



To make these streams even more exciting, we'll have some giveaways! And with an entire week of content, rest assured we'll have plenty of goodies for you. Make sure to follow our Twitch and YouTube channels, and take part in plenty of activities to win free in-game stuff, as well as Paysafecard vouchers.

You'll be able to win those every time we reach a certain number of viewers, but also by electing the MVP or the play of each day. And of course, we'll have tons of codes for you to redeem. 

Predict the winners!

Want to increase your chance of winning sweet goodies? Then follow the link below to cast your prediction about the course of the tournament. 300 in Paysafecard vouchers will be distributed between the best guesses, and 10 x 1 week of World of Tanks Premium Account will be at stake for those who answered at least one question correctly.

Act quickly though, as this game will close right before the first match, on November 18.


Meet the Casters

  • CarryBarry
  • Dakillzor
  • Keyhand
  • Still_Mojo

I am Owain “CarryBarry” Barry and I am a former WGL team player primarily for team GoHard and I began my interest in the competitive scene in 2015. I have been a part of the FAME clan for almost 3 years. Most notably I played at Wargaming Fest 2018 in the FAME vs TORNADO showmatch and helped clinch victory for EU.

I am very happy to see the best clans in EU fight it out in a competitive knockout tournament. The introduction of a double-elimination bracket is also a refreshing addition to the organisation. My favourite to win this tournament is FAME, I believe the loss to DE-VI in the final of the EU qualifier for the Clan Super Cup was a brief blip in their extremely impressive clan history. They will now be eagerly awaiting an opportunity to regain their spot at the top of the podium over the EU region.

I also hope that CSA manages to elevate their game for this tournament. Recently in the semi-finals of the EU qualifier for the Clan Super Cup (Wargaming Fest 2019) CSA narrowly missed out on a place in the final to face against FAME despite their performance.

My favourite tank currently has to be the Chieftain; it offers a great all-round platform with a powerful gun. The flexibility that the vehicle offers is almost unmatched in the current meta.


I’m Jordy "Dakillzor" Versmesse, people may know me from casting the WGL in the past or from twitch where I stream daily. You may also know me from my time in FAME and being one of the most well known FC’s on the server.I expect a lot from these teams, Personally I’m hoping for a rematch between DE-VI and FAME in the finals to clash it out again..

I think the main difference between now and the past is people believe they can actually beat FAME. Teams take it more serious preparing more and focused more on the goal of winning. That’s a mental thing that can’t be underestimated. There is a bunch of new players that have come up throughout the years and are now ready to prove themselves, but the question is: will they be able to keep the nerve and composure needed to actually deliver?

Personally I’d keep an eye out of for INVIL, well known in the clan scene. You also saw some of them playing in other teams already and these guys look hungry and ready. They play together a lot, they are quick, they think fast and they won’t let you get away with a mistake. They are the kind of team that is the most dangerous out of them all, they aren’t afraid of getting straight in your face and bringing the game right to you before you even know what happened. Back that up with a lot of high individual skill players and you get a mix that no team can underestimate.

I expect innovation from these teams, most of us know the standards and what works and what doesn’t, I’m looking for the team that can surprise us, bring something we didn’t expect or execute in a way we haven’t seen before.


Hey, my name is Kai, in-game nick "Keyhand", 26 years old and from Germany. People may know me from my extensive engagements in Clans such as OM (NI), GO-IN and FAME since I have been an active member of the clan scene for many years. I have been playing this game since 2011 fairly consistently. My greatest source of enjoyment has always been the interactions with other people playing the game, might it be playing games with or against them.

I am looking forward to seeing the best teams on the Server battle it out in the following few days. Regarding the tournament, I really like the system of double elimination as this provides additional opportunities for each team to show themselves, even after maybe having a bad game or two. I expect new and exciting strategies as people are going to prepare well for this journey, especially since the map pool has been designed according to feedback gathered from the clans that will be participating. Personally, I really like playing and watching Himmelsdorf as the action there is tightly packed and timing is everything on a competitive level.

My favourite to win is the team showing the best reactions and the most skill. Being in FAME, I hope it will be them. I am very much looking forward to finding out who will take the win in this tournament, however, as the aforementioned team has shown not to be invincible after all in the last tournament, where DE-VI bested them in the finals. I think many people still underestimate INVIL though, as the core of these players have been playing the game for years on a superb level and I expect them to reach place 4 at least.

My favourite tank which coincidentally is my most played tank is the Bat-Chat 25t. I love it as you really have to plan your actions ahead. Also, the tank offers a wide variety of gameplay which makes every game in it unique. It might not be as strong as it used to be as Tier X Lights, the Progetto and the TVP tend to have overlapping play styles, but it remains a very fun and entertaining choice for random battles.


My name is Mihajlo, aka still_mojo in-game. I am playing since 2011, you may know me as one of the founders of clan and WGL team KAZNA in 2012, or later on, from WGL teams TCM and WUSA. Last several years you may mostly know me as analyst and caster from tournaments you watched, where several of us like Daki, Ectar, Niall and me, did our best to make it interesting, and well explained to you guys.

In this tournament, I'm looking forward to the comeback of FAME, and their clash with DE-VI. I do not think it's good for the server to have one team dominating the others, no matter which, so I am hoping for a big clash and a few more surprises. This longer format of tournament should really show each clans skill, as well as weaknesses, so I think as it goes on, it's going to be more and more intense.

I am hoping for new tactics and a skilful aggressive approach to the game by the teams involved. At the moment I think one of those surprises may lie with INVIL, who are emerging as Polish powerhouse lately, and we still have several strong contenders in our "usual" teams like CSA or MVPS, for example. I guess it depends on point of view, but for me, WoT is a competitive team-based game, and everything else falls below no matter how great an individual player you can be.

My personal favourite tank used to be IS-3 back when I played it in old WGL formats with tier VIII tanks. These days I think it would be the Object 907, for the same reasons: overall it's just such a useful tank on any map and it's also a medium, so you can spot and rotate fast. Sadly, strongest tanks these days are reward tanks, but then again, you must invest a considerable amount of time to get some of them.



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