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Gold Series Highlight – Out of Range

Out of Range is one of the new teams in the Gold Series. They are one of these rare teams that show great talent very quickly upon their creation and immediately start climbing all the way up the League within a very short timeframe. Thanks to their excellent performance in the Bronze and Silver Series, this all-polish crew earned their place in the Gold Series in the last matchday of Season 1, when they defeated team Oops (who then went on to win the Open qualifier and thus also became a Gold team). The presence of Out of Range at the highest level is however not necessarily a surprise. If you check the roster carefully, you will notice that a few of their players are veterans of World of Tanks. Let's meet some of them... right after this team trailer:

Meet the players



"I started to play some time ago because my friend Kytek, who also plays in the team, showed me the game. My childhood passion was swimming, but I had to quit after an injury.

My favorite tank in World of Tanks is the FV 215B. For me, it is the best heavy tank in the game. Its biggest asset is its gun, which is one of the best, if not the best. Also, this tank is very mobile for a tier 10 heavy, and its turret can ding a shot from a Tier X Tank Destroyer."









"I play World of Tanks since 2012, when my brother showed me the game. As everyone, at the beginning I was playing really badly and I was taking a lot of breaks. In 2013 after one of these breaks I finally joined a clan and from there, shortly before the 3rd campaign, I joined the best Polish clan in the history World of Tanks (in my opinion): Crush (which unfortunately no longer exists). Apart from World of Tanks, I like to play football and ,when the weather is not allowing it, I like to watch Ski Jumping."







"I started to play World of Tanks a month after they premiered on the European Server. Since this time a lot has changed. At the beginning I just thought that random battles are the most fun, but after a few games in senior companies, with some now really good friends, I changed my mind because of the emotions of the other players. After meeting some cool guys, I joined clan VAV and started my eSport career that lasts till today.

My favorite map in the game is Ruinberg. I think it’s the most balanced and dynamic map in the whole map pool. It's not important which side and what tank I play - a smile is always on my face when I see that Ruinberg is on."







"I started playing World of Tanks thanks to my cousin 4 years ago, but I had a 6 months break when I was bored of it for a long time. I never thought that I would play at such a high level in an eSports title.

For 10 years I played in a Football Club: “Górnik Konin” and in these seasons my team advanced to the Macroregional League. This is my idea how to forget about whole world."







"Hi Everybody! My name is Miłosz (a hint was in my nickname). I’m 17 years old and live in Silesia, the only true place to live ;). I play World of Tanks since 2013, but I started to put much higher efforts in it since 2014 to play in the Silver Series. Of course, World of Tanks is not the only thing I live for. I like to ski and ride a mountain bike. I also like to watch movies and TV-series, and I really love to go to the cinema for good a movie with my friends. I also love to listen to music, but especially all different types of metal."



The rest of the roster

Carmon (Captain)


Current standings of the team

Contrary to some of the other teams promoted from the Silver Series, Out of Range had a rather rough start, with losses against Penta, Ding, Oops, Kazna and Utopia. Only a short victory, 5-4, against Synergy in their very first game prevented them from being empty-handed in the mid Season. It doesn't mean all hope is lost for Out of Range, but they are going to have to find solutions in the second half of the Season if they want to secure their spot in the Gold Series. After all, there isn't such a gap in level between them and some of the teams who landed more victories at this point of the competition.

Watch their next Matches live on the WGL EU channel

versus Rusty Roster: 14 January at 19:00 CET.

versus Knäckebröd: 21 January at 20:30 CET.

versus Wombats on Tanks: 26 January at 20:30 CET.


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