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Gold Series Highlight – Oops

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When fate hands you lemons, make lemonade. That’s pretty much what happened to "Oops – The tough Giraffes" in the pre-season. Anchored in the Silver Series after almost making it into Gold, they were getting prepared for another season at the second level of the League. That is, until the unexpected forfeit of Supreme in the Gold Series offered them a last minute chance. In the open qualifier that was held to fill the vacant spot, Oops defeated no less than 5 opponents: Cheap Clowns, I-Squad, Stronk Pixel, Orig1n and Team Hope, to earn their place at the highest level.

The team is very enthusiastic about their presence in the Gold Series, and as a result, every single player wanted to say a word to their fans. Who are they? What is their role in the team? How did they come to be top players? What do they have for breakfast? They were free to say (almost) anything!


In Oops, I am known for my dictatorship-like leading style, team damage, regular fails... And sometimes the BOT-RNG that saves me! I started in UNICA, where I became the tactical genius that I am today. All the players of my team joined from time to time, or got kicked, but I will stay forever. I am the one and only… If I am not failing in Randoms.

Stefan "Gr0Sa", Team Captain.

  "My Target for the season is to improve my Gameplay, have nice Battles at the highest Level and for my Team to keep its spot in the Gold Series"      Damnus


  "After 4 matches, it turns out we have more points than my previous Team, ASAP, had in the entire season… Gr0Sa is trolling me about it all the time.”   Insane

"I participate in the Clan wars and Skirmishes actively, because I want to prove my skill not only in the League, but also on the clan scene. Since I started to play in 2011, I always tried to improve, and I never gave up."  Sanyooo



"To improve, I watched a lot of Quickybaby’s videos and figured out that the E50M is weak, but now, I have around 3700 wn8 and a 65% winrate."   Somewhere_


"I always wanted to take part in the League. My beginnings were really hard, but I finally managed to join Evil Panda, and then noMERCY, before joining Oops. I failed twice in a row... So let’s not make 3 out of it. I gained a lot of experience with my previous teams, and I'll just try to use it."  Fussyeater
As soon as I got some Tier VIII I wanted to play competitively, so I joined our dictator gr0sa's ESL Team where we played in the 7/42 format in many Go4wots. I threw many battles, until I got used to loosing anyway.”                                                                                              Tim "HoneyFrack12"


I started playing two years ago. After one year, I was already jaded and bored of the game... This is why I started to play in the ESL tournaments. As a natural leader and competitor, my interest in the League grew, as did my knowledge of the game and its high level of strategic gameplay."       Insane


 "I started playing World of Tanks 4 years ago and I am still the worst player in the whole League. Since I joined the clan, OMNI and I started streaming and Youtubing and have become semi-successfull. In Oops, my role is somewhere between a core player and an assistant strategist. The season started good, let's keep going - and cheer for us guys!”  Genghiswolves


"Now that I got the chance to play in the famous League, I'll give the best of myself for my team. That may include getting banned for rule violations."   Sylenze


 "Hey guys, I am lnVictvs, WR 48%, WN8 overall: 759. At least I am playing in the League like that! Next to World of Tanks and studies, I do some sports in a fitness club, and try to spend some time with my friends and my girlfriend. I joined team Oops three weeks before we won the open qualifier, yes, team hopper confirmed!"  Invicts




"Obviously, my favourite activity is eating some baguettes, but I also like going out with friends." Insane  

II started playing World of Tanks in October 2011. During the first 2 years, I only played random Battles (and some Clanwars). In the beginning of 2014, I became interested in ESL. Soon after, Grosa, who I met in my early days, asked me if I would be interested in joining a new team. After that, we tried getting into the gold series for 3 seasons, until we finally made it.“  Adrian "Duck_of_Death"  


"I am a smart Polish Guy... At least I hope so." Fussyeater
 "As I improved over time, I also met many good players who became close friends to me and established our team. Playing together with them not only improved my personal skill, but I also taught me a lot about teamplay. Now I believe I am skilled enough to give some tough fights to every enemy I face, no matter the game mode"  Sanyooo 


"I spent most of my early days on World of Tanks in the clan BISON. This clan showed me all the basics of the game, but after a while I knew I had to leave, to become better. I met gr0Sa (the leader of our team) randomly, in a teambattle. We stayed in contact until he gathered people for an ESL team and asked me to join." HDGDL


Current Standings of the team

Oops entered the big league with no complex whatsoever, and crushed 3 of their first four opponents, thus proving to all that their promotion was no accident. As a result, they are currently occupying one of the top spots in the Gold Series, sharing the top seats with the likes of Kazna and Tornado Rox! It goes without saying, if they can maintain this level of performance, the Giraffes are here to stay. Make sure you follow these rising stars before they become world-famous and overly mainstream!

Watch their next Matches live on the WGL EU channel

Versus Penta: 12 January at 22:00 CET.

Versus Kazna:  19 January at 20:30 CET.

Versus Utopia:  25 January at 19:00 CET.

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