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Tournaments: Playoffs rewards


There's no question that the weekly tournaments are always a good source of revenue for everyone. Yet more often than not, voices arise and players point an accusing finger at the prize table. If yours is one of them, this articles comes bearing good news.

All the upcoming tournament series after 12 September have had their prize table improved. How so? We are introducing a highly rewarding Playoff stage at the end of every competition. These new, additional battles will grant the winners the following amounts:

1st : 10,000
2nd : 7,500
3rd - 4th : 5,000
5th - 8th : 2,500
9th - 16th : 1,500

Make no mistake, you will still have to fight for it. But it may well mean the difference between your team swimming in gold or staying on the sideline sipping their coffee rations!




Roll out!