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Ranked Battles: New Season!

To give the opportunity for more players to join the ever-popular Ranked Battles, the leaderboard will be wiped clean early on 3 December. This new season will put all the teams on even ground once again.

There’s no “I” in Team

The basic format of the competition will remain the same. In Ranked Battles, the opposing teams are chosen on the basis of their team ranking (calculated by the team’s success in Ranked Battles), regardless of the statistics of each individual tanker. As a player, you know the map before the battle starts, and whether your team is attacking or defending.

During the 30 seconds before the start of the battle, the players can choose their tanks. If the list of tanks has not been finalised within the 30 seconds, the team goes into battle with the tanks from their battle room.

The higher your team climbs on the leaderboard, the more valuable the prizes will get! Potential rewards include Premium time, Gold, and Credits.

In the future, we will aim for seasons that do not exceed two to three months. This will spice up the play, and make each season more dynamic, more fun, and more competitive than ever!


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