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Lemming Train Pulling into the IEM Victory Station

Fame, glory, cheering crowds and an amazing rush of emotion from the first to the last minute! The second day of the Intel Extreme Masters is over and the victors of this edition of the tournament stand tall holding their great prizes.

Lemming Train drove with locomotive-like force full speed ahead throughout the entire event and didn’t stop until they had reached their final destination, the championship title. The road to the finals wasn’t an easy one for our contestants as our results table clearly shows. No team remained undefeated, which made for an even and thrilling fight amongst the competitors all throughout the matches. This made the Intel Extreme Masters tournament probably the most exciting series of battles ever seen in World of Tanks tournaments so far. If you didn’t follow our livestream, you’ve missed an epic show!

Each team put up an amazing fight and once the qualifier was over, it was decided that SPALE and Lemming Train were to fight for the 1st place while 1SBP Zawisza encountered Kazna Kru for the 3rd place.

A big crowd gathered in front of our Wargaming booth to follow what would be a heated exchange between two great contenders as the teams prepared to give it their all in the match for third place. Kazna Kru played their game as well as they could, and 1SBP Zawisza were finally playing with a full team roster (unlike during the first day when they were missing the team captain). Both groups would play at the highest level, showing off their skills (and getting lucky now and again) with 1SBP taking the win in the end.

After a short break, the battles for first place began. Both Lemming Train and SPALE lived up to the moment, delivering one of the best performances we’ve seen in recent World of Tanks eSports history. The battles were intense featuring a symphony of tactics and strategies to delight any eSports fan. As the matches went on, both teams stepped up their game. The score rose quickly, coming to a draw twice, when only one game was left to be played in this thrilling “Best of 5” encounter.

Both teams were tired, after many hours of playing and watching games. The crowd however was far from exhaustion getting into the excitement with lots of sighs, “oohs” and “ahhs” every time a shell hit or missed a tank. The battle was a great example of tactical thinking and team communication on both sides. Eventually, the Polish giants from Lemming Train managed to finally steamroll their Finnish opponents, but as almost with all games of this tournament, not a single shot was taken without reason and every move was a result of cool calculation on both sides.

Congratulations to all the teams, as really everyone who got the IEM finals are already a winner. Everyone went home with a nice stack of prize money and the chance to pay back their rivals during the World of Tanks Pro League games which will be starting in just a few months! You can read up on the Wargaming tournaments in which a total prize pool of 2.5 Million Dollars will be split amongst the winners in one of our earlier news releases!


We’re looking forward to an even better performance soon in the World of Tanks Pro League and hope to see you in the coming streams