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Lemming Train Interview

There are many Polish eSports teams coming and going in the European League, but only a few are a constant. Lemming Train, previously known as Mousesports, is one of the teams you can be sure to see both now and in future iterations of the WGL EU. The team has been in the league since the first season, when they managed to take 3rd place, and are still here with us at the end of the 3rd season.

Their path through the 3rd season was full of success and they finished with a great 12:4 win/loss ratio. It is worth noting that they even managed to win 3:2 against Virtus.PRO at the beginning of the season and they didn’t lose a single league match from the end of October, when they crushed Playing Ducks 5:0!

The team consists of ten people, including Mateusz Nowak as the Team Captain. It’s worth noting that the team has the highest number of Piotrs of all the professional World of Tanks eSports teams! We’re sure that must cause some confusion in their team once in a while.


  • Kosma Baniewicz (Team Manager)
  • Maciek Manka
  • Wjciech Czaban
  • Oleksii Zakharchuk
  • Grzegorz Stańczyk
  • Sebastian Pokrywka
  • Piotr Surma
  • Piotr Brochlecki
  • Piotr Peschke


Below you can find our interview with the team manager, Kosma Baniewicz...

Why did you decide to join the ranks of the pro teams?

We decided to join the ranks of the pro teams because we were playing at the top level in Europe. We were and still are able to win against the best crews in EU and RU. It was also a help to develop and improve as a squad.


Could you name any milestones or big achievements that your team is most proud of?

The milestones for the team were both qualifiers to WCG. The first one showed how big the potential is in the team. The second one which was a success for us proved that we are better than the year before. The biggest success for all of 2013 was that we were able to qualify and also achieve good results at every offline event on three different continents during that time. The biggest success for the first half of the year was the win in the CeBIT Tournament, which was a launch for the Wargaming League. In the second part of last year our best performance was to qualify and win second place in the Nvidia 100k Open Tournament.


Please tell us a few words about your players. Why do they play World of Tanks?

Our team was in constant development for the whole of this year. The squad which fans will see in Tychy is the best one in this moment. All of us play World of Tanks because we like to compete and to win. It is also a great thing to do in our free time which gives us some extra money.


How much do you train or play a week? What modes do you play?

We try to play training games at least twice every week but it is not always that easy to gather all of our guys. We try to play as much as possible on Tier 8 tanks and in 7 vs 7 team battle mode, but we can be foundd often in random battles, in platoons or even alone.


What are your favourite tactics, tanks and maps?

Most of the guys from the team love the new German tank destroyers line. Especially the Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger and the Waffenträger auf E 100 are  monster overpowered machines in the hands of a good player. Everyone from the team has his own beloved map but we can all agree that we don't like Redshire in Random Battles. It is always a bit of a disappointment when we see Lakeville in 7 vs 7 but we are used to it.


What do you do in your free time when you’re not playing World of Tanks?

Most of us are still studying at university, some of us also already work in branches not strictly connected to IT, so these activities take up most of our time. We also like to chill out and spend free time with our friends.


How do you see your chances? Do you think you can win the finals?

It will be the 6 top teams in Europe. We are able to win against all of them and also all of them can win against us. It will all depend on how all 6 teams will prepare for this event and their form in each of the matches. We think that we can win these finals but we must show 110% of our skills.


Is there anything you’d like to add?

I just want to say that we hope we will see a lot of our friends at the event and we will try our best to win the 3rd Season for them.
I also would like to send our best regards to all our friends who are supporting us.


That’s all about Lemming Train, keep on the lookout for more interviews next week!