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Meet the tournaments livestreamers

Since December, everyone can follow the weekly tournaments live, with English commentary, thanks to the dedication of two well-known community figures: Kojot, and Still_mojo.

Kojot is a news reporter and veteran YouTuber, while Still_mojo is a former pro-player and the current leader of the clan Kazna Kru. He is also an analyst for various Wargaming events, such as the League Season Finals.

They agreed to share with us why they decided to stream the weekly tournaments and what they think of the level of the participants.



Kojot and Still_mojo hold the microphone!

"We are not strangers to competitive game play. Since the inception of Kazna, as a clan and as an ESL team later, we were involved in various tournaments. Still_mojo had the privilege to be invited as an expert commentator numerous times on Finals, where he demonstrated excellent knowledge of the gameplay, the tactics and the skills necessary to win. When he decided to take a short break in his professional career, we started commenting various Word of Tanks replays and posting them on YouTube. We developed a specific style of commenting: we try to provide a lot of useful information for the viewers, but laced with jokes and humour. At that time, we sent several of our best clips to the eSports department of Wargaming and they liked them a lot. When Berbo (Wargaming eSports) offered us to comment the World of Tanks cups, we gladly accepted, because we knew we could bring something new to this aspect of the game.

Competitive gameplay in World of Tanks is constantly evolving, for several reasons. First of all, Wargaming is periodically introducing new tanks that modify the balance of the game. The French autoloaders used to be the only choice, now the Tier VIII games are dominated by the T-54 ltw. The same thing happened in the weekly cups, so you never know what tanks the teams will pick. As for tactics, most of the time teams just rush, or decide to camp, but we also saw some very interesting gameplay, with a lot of finesse. Also, several new teams have formed, and we believe that they can be real contenders for the Bronze and Silver Series in the Wargaming League."


Take me to their Livestream now!

The livestream is usually on on tournament days at 19:00 CET.



Want to find out more about them? You can check out their official youtube channel. On their page, you will find tournament reviews, in-depth Clan Wars battle analysis and, of course, advice and tips on how to triumph on the battlefield!



Polish your camos, you are on television!