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Kazna Kru Interview

If popularity could win you a tournament, we could probably make a bet that Kazna Kru would score the most votes for being the coolest team in these finals. Kazna Kru are always loaded with morale and no matter the result, you can be sure that they will be partying after the event.

The team has a nice list of achievements to back their high morale. They qualified for the first season of the WGL EU, which was a huge achievement on its own. Sadly they didn’t have much luck at the very end of it. During the second season they managed to improve their tactics and individual player skills, which led to them finishing third. These huge achievements are just a cherry on top of countless victories in Wargaming and ESL-organised tournaments during the last two years.

The team is led by Mihajlo ‘Still_Mojo’ Jugovic. The ten players playing regularly are:

  • Nemanja Sucur
  • Dragan Stanojevic
  • Matej Kolejak
  • Dorde Radosavljevic
  • Igor Radjenovic
  • Milan Casic
  • Aleksandar Lukic
  • Milos Uzelac
  • Stefan Runze
  • Vedran Jelavic



We’ve managed to get in contact with Mihajlo, who was kind enough to answer our short interview.

Could you tell us something about your team? When and why were you established? Where did you find the players to join your team?

Hello, we are Kazna Kru (roughly translated as Punishment Crew for those that were wondering what it means). We first formed as a clan to play Clan Wars in a new way, and to participate in Wargaming tournaments. That was about a year ago (December 2012). We were not satisfied with how things looked around us on the Global Map - too much talk, too little action. That's why we formed Kazna, to punish the wicked established nobility and bring gold to poor rebels (us in this case). From there we took one step up as our desire to improve grew, and formed the ESL team of the same name. The players that formed the team at that time were the same core that formed the clan, and on top of that most of us were and still are friends outside game activities. Some of us knew each other before even playing World of Tanks, others we met within the game. We are always more than just another team, we are friends who share the same interests in game.

How and why did you pick that name for your team?

It was an inspiration that we had to do something different from other clans and teams. We were new kids on the block, entering the scene through Wargaming tournaments with that team name, fighting prominent clans and beating them every step of the way. On streams, casters couldn't even pronounce our team name correctly, but that changed as victories came on a regular basis. We decided that we would be the small force to punish everyone on our way, and we kept the name in our language because the core of our team was always of Balkan origin (Kazna = Punishment).

Could you name any milestones or big achievements your team is most proud of?

In the first ESL Go4WoT we entered (WGL did not exist back then), we won second place, beaten only by EPS which was a veteran team at that time.

We had never even tried Go4WoT before, so we were hungry for more. We played them again in the qualifiers for the CEBIT tournament, which was also how we entered EU WGL Season 1. The rest came along after, we have made it to every finals tournament so far: IEM Katowice, CEBIT Germany, Dreamhack Sweden, Gamescom Cologne, and now Tychy Poland. Our biggest achievement so far was definitely 3rd place in the second season finals at Gamescom Cologne.

Besides playing WGL we have won numerous Wargaming online tournaments in many formats, including Mangled Metal, Super 6, Fun Cups, and even the 15th anniversary tournament with the prize of an invitation to party in Minsk, which was an unforgettable experience.

Please tell us a few words about your players. Why do they play World of Tanks?

One word can describe them all, emotional. We play the game with heart and that sometimes carries us high above the clouds and even above our abilities, but as a drawback we can fall as much on bad days. We play World of Tanks because we have friends here to spend time with, and the means to achieve something through these tournaments, for personal pleasure and some prizes that come along the way, and those prizes are not only material.

How much do you train or play a week? What modes do you play?

Usually at normal times we train for 2-4 hours, twice per week, but since we are now preparing for the finals event we play for 3-5 hours, 4-5 times per week. We always play in training mode against other teams, or we enter team battles in our free time when we are all together.

What are your favourite tactics, tanks and maps?

Personally I like fast-paced playing tactics that make some sort of engagement against the enemy team quick, but the reality is that it is not always possible. I prefer open maps like Steppes and Prokhorovka, and of the tanks used in ESL I would pick the T69 as the one that fits me as a player. I might add that this patch brought nice balance on Steppes, and it will be fun to see how teams make new tactics on it now, without knowing what other teams will plan too.

What do you do in your free time when you’re not playing World of Tanks?

There is no such time! Just kidding, the usual things - run business, read books, see friends.

How do you see your chances? Do you think you can win the finals?

There is a chance, but the odds are against us if our previous record is taken in account. Also we have had some players going inactive mid-season due to personal commitments in life, so we are still retraining. It will be tough for us, but we are fighters, we keep on going even when everybody thinks we are done for good.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Yes, for all the guys & girls out there supporting us, KAZNA SMASH!


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