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Gold Series Highlight - Kazna Kru

Today’s highlight focuses on well-known fan favourite, and current leader of the League Season 2, Kazna Kru. There is not much to say that hasn’t already been said about this team. They have been in the League forever, always as one of the top performing squads. They like to meet their fans and their logo is perhaps the most recognizable of all 12. Undoubtedly, if any World of Tanks player out there was asked to name but one Gold Series team, more often than not, Kazna would be that one. Yet a question remains... How do they manage to always be one of the best, season after season?

Their personal presentation below should give everyone a hint of an answer. Need a clue? It's about something they all share...


Per Grip "yzne" Linden, Winrate 67%, WN8 3200

"I started playing World of Tanks in October 2011 with some of my friends. Joined various diffrent clans to play clan wars. From 2014 late spring I join a pro team, TCM, for season 4 in the League EU (I was looking for a new clan to join and I met Derzernichter, who gave me this opportunity: I wanted to compete on a higher level).

My hobbies outside World of Tanks are sports and games, I have been into gaming and sports since I was little. Always loved to compete with others and friends but also to kick back and enjoy the fun part of what gaming/sports brings. My competitive side always keeps me going forward and helps me become better.

This season our goal is the same as for the previous season, to win and be number one in the league. We will destroy and punish every team who are in the way of our title."



Stefan "Stefan_xD" Brosi, winrate 63%, WN8 3500

"I started playing World of Tanks in 2011 when my neighbour told me that it's a cool game and I should try it. After a year of getting used to the game and learning its mechanics, the weakspots of the tanks and so on, I played my first 7v7 tournament, the NVIDIA GeForce Cup, where we lost in the final. After this first success I got into contact with Fkkschnitzel and his team, WUSA, which I joined shortly after. In my following almost 3 years in WUSA I had great success, becoming 2nd in WCG 2014 and playing for 3 seasons in the League Gold Series, before just recently joining KAZNA with the goal of winning the title.

In my freetime - when I'm not studying for university - I play football and tennis at my local clubs and I guess this is where my passion for E-Sports is from, always trying to be the best in any regard."



Piotr "ealien_Peschke, winrate 65 %, WN 3438

"I'm playing in the League since before the Season 1 kicked off and ever since I wanted to be in the top here. When playing my first tournaments I never thought it would go so big and that after all these years I would still be playing as a member of one of the best teams. I like the thrill of a challenge when playing against all different players from across the world and that's a great place to test your skills. I hope we can make it far this season because we are certainly capable."






Vedran "Veco_Jelavic, winrate 66%, WN8 3100

"I started playing World of Tanks in the early beta with a couple of my real life friends. We immediately started to play 7v7 competitively as soon as it was introduced in the game.

My hobbies are mostly sports (that's probably why I am playing World of Tanks as a professional, because I am very competitive) and having any kind of fun with my friends.

My goal is to beat and punish everyone in this game on the professional scene, and at the moment to win the League this season and bring back home the title again."






Milan "hybaaCasic, winrate 65%, WN 3000

"Before World of Tanks I played counter-strike. I was even a national team captain, and I traveled all over the world for it. After some 8 years playing it I finally quit. After a year of not playing video games competitively I found myself in need to play something so I started playing World of Tanks. Not long into the game, I met friends from Serbia who also played, first of all Still_Mojo, and I hooked up with them to play WoT as esports. We formed the Kazna clan together and started playing 7v7 from before season 1 where we qualified. 

Outside of the game I would say my hobbies and interests are connected to sports, as I've practiced basketball my entire life, and after a playing it, I continued to work as a coach, which I still do.

As former champions, our goal is obviously to win title again and establish ourselves as the best EU team."




Current standings of the team

Unmerciful since the beginning of Season 2, Kazna inflicted a severe 5-0 to Rusty Roster in the first week, and another 5-0 to Out of Range two weeks later. In doing so, they sent a clear message to the competition. With their dedication and their goal-oriented attitude, they are here to win the whole thing. So is there anyone who can stop them? Maybe. After all, Tornado Rox, another favourite for the title, just won their recent confrontation 5-1... Will this first loss undermine the confidence of the team, or on the contrary, will it be a boost to them? No matter what happens next, the second part of the season will be decisive for Kazna. 


Watch their next Matches live on the WGL EU channel 

versus Oops: 19 January at 20:30 CET.

versus Synergy: 25 January at 22:00 CET.

versus Penta: 28 January at 19:00 CET.


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