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Introducing the World of Tanks EU All Stars Medal System

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Today we are very pleased to announce the plan for EU eSports in World of Tanks for the rest of the year and hopefully long after. As you know we at Wargaming value the fun and excitement that competitive, ranked play brings to the World of Tanks community. And it is in that spirit that we want to extend our efforts to grow our presence in the eSports world further and make it more rewarding for you – it’s participants, it’s players, and ultimately… it’s stars.

So without a long introduction we present to you the EU All Stars medal system:

As some of you who are already planning to take part will already know, we have already kicked our brand new tournament season into gear with the Super 6 Cup that we introduced to you last week. But this is only the beginning!

We will very shortly be launching even more contests for you to enjoy: The super competitive Easy 8 and the awesomely destructive Mangled Metal tournaments that you’ll be able to dig your treads into. To round off the set we will also be running a sequence of new and revised “Fun Cups” that will all together make up the EU All Star series.

Players of a team coming in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in one of these tournaments will each earn a special medal to add to their collection and brandish at their rivals. Teams that manage the difficult task of earning a medal in all four tournaments will be awarded the title All Star! As a result, their individual medals will be converted into the fantastic EU All Star medal that you can see above in its complete state.

Even within the All Star community there will be the possibility to distinguish yourselves from the rest – to shine brightly above them all! Players who manage to obtain gold medals in two or three of the tournament disciplines will see their regular All Star medal  become Silver or even go Gold if they can achieve a gold in every one of the four tournaments. 

Do you have what it takes to win the Gold, Silver or Bronze medal in one of our new tournaments?


Further down the line, we plan on having a series of exclusive contests, which only players who have received 1st, 2nd or 3rd place medals will be able to participate in. These special events will be held throughout the year. As a real All Star you will have the opportunity to play in some of the best tournaments that the eSports team can devise, and stand the chance of winning real money prizes, starring roles in interviews and the chance to become the EU 2012 champion!

Check out these objects of desire: The Mangled Metal and Super 6 Medals


As in every sport, these medals will only last for the year.  If you want to keep them, you will need to go for the glory again in the following season. However teams will be able to keep their All Star medal for a year as a memento of their achievements.

The only question left is… who will be the first EU All Star