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Introducing the Super 6 Cup!

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The Super 6 Cup is a new tournament organised by and will take place over the next month.   The aim of this tournament is to encourage both new and existing teams to take the plunge into tournament play, have fun and win prizes!

This tournament will be 14 versus 14 with a maximum tier limit of Tier 6 (and Tier 3 for Artillery).  Good teamwork will make the difference between victory and defeat!  So gather up your lightning fast scouts, your lethal precision tank destroyers, your agile and deadly mediums, towering monstrous heavies and terrifying artillery and fight for glory in the Super 6 Cup!

A summary of the tournament rules and prizes is below.  For more information, you can visit the main Super 6 Cup page (listed under the Tournaments tab of the World of Tanks portal).  Matches will take place between the 22nd June and the 7th July.  Keep in touch by following our eSports manager Bump on Twitter (@Bump_WG).

Registration is now open for the Super 6 Cup and you have until the 18th of June to register your team.  Please make sure you read the rules carefully before registering!  If you are the team captain, you can register your team here.  Once your team is registered, you will need to get your team members to visit the page and join the team!  You must have 14 people in your team before it will be accepted.  However you can also nominate up to 4 additional players to be reserves.

This is just the first of a series of tournaments planned for the summer and beyond.  Other forthcoming events will include the Easy 8 (Tier 8 tanks and tier 5 artillery based on the official eSports tournament format) and the Mangled Metal League which will let you roll out your maximum tier vehicles!  We will also be running some FunCups to finish off the season.  Watch the news for more details about these events!


Super 6 Cup - Main Rules

For a full list of rules, please go hereMake sure you read all the rules before registering a team!

  • Teams must contain at least two tanks from every nation (French, German, US, Soviet).  But the tanks can be of any type.
  • The team roster must consist of 14 players.  You may optionally include up to 4 more players as reserves.
  • Tanks and Tank Destroyers in the team must be of Tier 6 or below.  SPGS must be of Tier 3 or below.
  • Only 2 light tanks per team.
  • The total number of tier points (the total value of all the tier levels of the tanks in the team added together) must be 84 or less.
  • Use of premium tanks, shells and consumables is allowed.
  • Once the team has been created, it cannot change its name.  Be careful when choosing your team name!
  • Battles last for 15 minutes.  The aim is to destroy all enemy tanks or capture their base.
  • The first round will be single elimination (best of 1).  If you lose the battle you are knocked out of the tournament!  Subsequent rounds will be best of 3 and the final will be best of 5.
  • First round battles will take place on the Mines map.  Subsequent rounds will take place on maps from a pool consisting of Mines, Abbey, Arctic Region, Himmelsdorf and Steppes.


The prizes are as follows:

1st Place Team 90,000 Gold (5000 per player)
2nd Place Team
54,000 Gold (3000 per player)
3rd Place Team 27,000 Gold (1500 per player)

To discuss the tournament and to look for players to join your team or to find a team to join, please visit the Super 6 dedicated forum thread!

What are you waiting for?  Register your team today!  Remember you only have until 18th June to register your team!

Good luck and have fun!