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Interview with WCG Team: BigClan (UK)

The World Cyber Games are over and it’s time to honour our heroes who gave it their best.  We have interviewed all four European teams who took part in China and will be presenting each one! 

To kick things off, we had a chat with BigClan, who represented the United Kingdom in the WCG after winning their national championship.  We asked them to tell us all about the experience.

1. What are your ingame nicknames?

2. How old are the majority of you?

Most of us are between 26 and 30 years old.

3. When did you start playing World of Tanks? How did you become a team?

We started two years ago.  We formed the team at the LANFest event in UK hosted by

4. How were the national qualifiers?

Fun and an excellent learning experience. We will enter the national qualifier again next year!

5. How does it feel to be part of the WCG Grand Finals experience?

Excellent, very well organised. China is very friendly. We are looking forward to trying to attend another time in the future.

6. Which players do you fear the most?

The Russians!

7. Would you like to share a message/advice to people thinking about stepping into eSports competition?

Practice, practice, practice and above all… have fun!


Thanks again to BigClan for being incredibly good sports and keeping things fun!

Some of their matches were recorded on the livestream.  Check them out here!


Stay tuned for interviews from the other European teams coming soon!