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Intel Extreme Masters Finals – Join us in Katowice, Poland

The Intel Extreme Masters Season VII qualification rounds are over. The 8 European teams have fought many battles to get to the point where they can be called “Europe’s Best”.  Most of the teams taking part in the finals have fought many battles and taken part in various tournaments of World of Tanks, not only in Europe, but around the entire world. While veterans participated in both Wargaming and ESL tournaments and scored big many times, we are happy to see some relatively new faces appearing in this tournament.

Below you can find the winners of the qualifier rounds who will meet in Katowice, Poland on the 18th and 19th of January 2013 to fight for big cash and fame, not to mention the title of the Intel Extreme Masters Champion.


Team Name Qualifier
Red Tide East
Odem Mortis West
Kazna Kru Balkan
SPALE Nordic
Evil Panda Squad Polish
Lemming Train Polish
1st PAD eXpendables Polish
1SBP Ulanska Fantazja Polish

The above teams will clash in epic battles for victory and a prize pool worth 15,000 Euros. As we said in our previous news, nobody will go home empty-handed. In addition, all expenses of this trip are covered for the finalists (both transportation from their home countries and during the tournament as well as the hotel). The prizes will be divided as follows:

Team PlaceTeam Prize
1st 7,000 €
2nd 3,500 €
3rd 2,000 €
4th - 8th 500 €

The tournament finals will be held in Katowice, a city near to Kraków. It is a city in southern Poland near to the Czech and Slovakian borders. It is also easy to reach for people living in eastern Germany, who could even take a ride there by car. The hall chosen for the event is the “Spodek” arena (website in Polish). It is one of the most recognised concert and general event halls in the country and we hope that the modern design and great equipment will help make the event be a real blast.

We would like to invite everyone to come to the event. Entry to the party is free of charge! This also means that it would be a good idea to come early as there is only a certain amount of people who can get into the building. Don’t forget warm clothes – southern Poland is a little bit chilly at this time of the year!

If you haven’t already made hotel reservations for the trip, we would like to bring you some good news! The Wargaming crew and the World of Tanks tournament finalists are staying in the hotel “Angelo” in Katowice, and we would like to invite all our fans to come join us there! 

If it is really not possible for you to attend, not everything is lost! It will be possible to watch the IEM Live Stream via special channels. Details about the channels will be posted shortly before the event when all the hamsters are fed and ready to run.


We hope to see you there, commanders!