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IEM: Evil Panda Squad triumph against Odem Mortis

Right after an amazing show given to us by two Polish teams, in which the eXpendables team took third place in a series of very hard and equally-matched battles, came the final match between the two top dogs of the Intel Extreme Masters World of Tanks tournament.

The Evil Panda Squad and Odem Mortis arrived on stage and set up, with more and more audience gathering in front of the stage and computers watching the live stream. Everyone was waiting for a really great show of skill. When the crowd was already huge, the show kicked off.


The First Battle

Odem Mortis started north on Himmelsdorf. And soon as the counter reached 0, the main EPS forces moved west, while the scouts with one heavy tank headed for the hill. The first spotting took place less than a minute into the game, but no casualties were sustained on either side. Two T1s of EPS quickly stormed the hill, only to find out that OM had no presence on the east side. Meanwhile, the EPS main force stormed east approaching the “suicide valley”, and later returned south through their base back to the corner next to the tracks. At the same time, OM headed east towards their base and found the EPS scout.  While OM was within the vicinity of their base, EPS performed a fast and well-organised push along the tracks to enter the OM base.  They started started capping, applying pressure to the OM team. OM managed to engage the main EPS force and take down the cap counter, destroying several EPS tanks, but this engagement left them with just one AMX  50 100 and a light T1, who died soon after. Score 1:0 for EPS.

Want to see this battle in full as if you were in it yourself?  Download the replay from Odem Mortis!


The Second Battle

Odem Mortis started north on Prohorovka in the second game. EPS rushed east across the tracks and quickly moved north, which resulted in them taking control over the east side of the map with no resistance encountered. Shortly after, OM lost a SPG due to a mistake in predicting enemy movement. This happened during first 1.5 minutes of the game and gave EPS a clear advantage and the crowd cheered wildly. After that, EPS started more moving boldly to the west to spot enemies for their own SPG to start raining pain on the enemy forces.  OM lost their T1 scout, removing a pair of eyes from them. Just a few seconds later, the OM main force performed a counter-attack trying to beat the EPS on the open field and managed to take down three of their light tanks. However, left with only  an AMX 13 90 and a T1, their fate was sealed against the AMX 50 100, AMX 13 90 and Lorraine 155 51 artillery. The lone AMX stood no chance against the three enemy vehicles hunting him and died on the hill in the east part of the map without taking any enemy vehicles with him. After that the lone T1 didn’t even remotely stand a chance. EPS again scored a victory and put the score at 2:0! This battle was a great example of how a small mistake and one team member loss cements the fate of a team, especially in the professional league.

Download the replay to see this battle in full from Odem Mortis!


The Third Battle

The third game was played on the Mines map. As the IEM games are played on a “best of 5” rule, Odem Mortis was already under extreme pressure, as for them it could be the final game, while Evil Panda Squad still had room for mistakes. Odem Mortis started on the north and began with a fast move for the hill, which made them almost instantly lose a VK2801 before it even reached the safety of the rocks. After that the game turned into a war of nerves until EPS stormed the hill with light tanks in front acting as buffers and heavies behind putting out an amazing punch of firepower. The crowd was clapping with joy with EPS losing only one 13 90 in that direct assault, and OM being reduced to just their GW Panther and two tier V scouts. Shortly after, OM lost their last tanks and were defeated.

Download the replay to see this battle in full from Odem Mortis!


Evil Panda Squad won the finals with a 3:0 score against the Odem Mortis team.

Both teams showed an incredible level of game skill, team-play and steel nerves. The battles were a really amazing show and we hope that everyone who was watching the live stream had as much fun as the audience who were at the show.


Thank you to all the teams who provided replays!  Want to see replays of other matches during the tournament?  Here are some more:

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That rounds things off for the IEM 2013!  There will be more tournaments in the future, so stay tuned for all the action!