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Coming Up: Gold Series Day Six

Our focus for 4 December is on the match starting at 18:30 CET between Virtus.PRO and UTOPIA. We have a few words from the teams on how they’re preparing for the match: 



Adrian “Mukaa92” Muczko - UTOPIA

VPRO is one of the best teams in Europe and in the world, but we are not afraid of this match. I think this game will be a test of our ability. If we can play at 100% you should see an interesting spectacle.




Dmitry “Kyock_Ovarku” Kasatkin - Virtus.PRO

UTOPIA - a novice  team. We met with them in a match at the warm up tournament. Then we won with a score of 5-2. In this match we will be favourites. However, their past defeat is not an indication of the level of UTOPIA’s training. After all, the team is now progressing very quickly, coming up with original new tactics. We will play against any team in full force, and not fall into the trap of underestimating the opponent, as in the finals of  Season 4 WGL vs School Bus.



Later in the show we’ll see:

20:00 CET:

WUSA vs. Drooling Leprechauns


21:30 CET:

Evil Panda Squad vs. WASD Gaming


If you missed Monday’s games you can find them as YouTube VoD’s below:


All three matches will be streamed on our dedicated Twitch channel.

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