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Gold Series Finalist: WUSA

Season Five of the Gold Series has been epic. The new format provided exciting, dramatic matches that really brought out the best World of Tanks gameplay as the Gold Series teams battled it out furiously for those coveted finalist places. And it ain’t over yet! We’re getting seriously pumped for the offline finals, taking place in Sofia, Bulgaria from 28 February to 1 March.

In the meantime, we caught up with WUSA, to ask about their experience in Season Five so far, and how they’re preparing for its tense conclusion!


I have been around in the WGL since Season Two, and I can tell you, this season has been the best WGL Gold Series Europe has seen so far. The new 7/54 format completely changed World of Tanks eSports. Viewers could see a lot of dynamic fights, tons of action and no draws, besides that one awesome moment in the match between WASD and GGWP. But the new format also changed things up for the teams quite a bit, since everyone kind of had to start at zero and got a fresh start.

Teams like Utopia coming new into the league this season, and GGWP coming back into the league, were great contenders for the top 6 spots, so the European league has been as competitive as ever before. Who would have thought that big names like Schoolbus, TCM, Kazna and EPS would have to worry till the last days of play if they got into the top 6, and not all of them making it at the end...

We have put a lot of effort into training and preparation to get into the top 6 this season and we are really happy that we made it. We know we are an underdog at the offline finals now, and that we have to step up if we want to succeed. We will do whatever is needed to do so.
Also we are looking forward to meet the other teams in person, having a great time with the league casters and staff, and hopefully even to connect with some fans at the venue, or watching our games on the streams. Cheer for WUSA!

Watch WUSA prove their mettle versus fellow finalist EPS during the last streaming week of the Gold Series:

Don’t forget to tune in to the WGL Twitch channel for the offline finals, or reply to our special forum thread if you’re planning on joining us in Sofia.

See you in Sofia, WUSA! And good luck to all the teams!