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Gold Series Finalist: Kazna Kru

Kazna Kru are a formidable team that have proved their worth time and time again in the League. They are also active Clan Wars participants, winning the First Campaign and recently achieving second place in the Third Campaign. On top of that, they conquered the South East Europe Championship. Clearly, these guys are not to be messed with! But how will they fare in the upcoming offline finals of the Gold Series Season Five?

We asked them about how they found Season Five, and how they’re preparing for the offline finals in Sofia, Bulgaria, running from 28 February to 1 March.

After playing all previous seasons in WGL, Season Five was really a breath of fresh air. The mode changes, with the introduction of new tanks, allowed us to enjoy games more than ever before. The Season itself was somewhat strange, as we saw many "unexpected" results, but it brought us a lot of interesting matches.

For us in the Kazna Kru team, we had ups and downs during the season. From starting strong and winning a warm up cup, to losing two out of the first three games, and at that moment missing out on a place in top two. At the end, in some slow way, we did manage to secure third place, and that's actually an improvement from last season.

We are really looking forward to the offline finals, and we hope we will be able to play our best game there, and win - if not, be better than at the last offline finals. I also want to use this opportunity to say thanks to all our friends and supporters for cheering for us, it really means a lot to us. I hope we don't disappoint them.

hybaa, Team Captain


If you’re going to be rooting for Kazna Kru, make sure you check out their Facebook page and their official website.

And if you can’t make it to Sofia in person, you can always tune in to our WGLEU channel to keep up with the action.

Get ready for the finals!