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Gold Series Finalist: GGWP

GGWP have been storming through the Gold Series ranks this season, consistently proving their worth and causing havoc on the battlefield. They finished the online tournament in second place, only a few points shy of Virtus.PRO. And it’s not just the European scene which has felt the impact of GGWP’s force – they also took third place at the MCG International Tournament in China!

We asked the team for a few words on the season so far, and their expectations for the finals:

This season brought us a lot of improvements. First of all, of course, the new format, 7/54, which is way more dynamic, competitive and fun.
We must also mention the improved media coverage and increasing quantity of events related to World of Tanks eSports. We now have a good basis for the further development of competitive World of Tanks, and we hope to see a wider audience in the near future.
Talking about our team, we had a really nice comeback after missing one season. The start was not very bright, although we did well at the test tournament before the season began, taking the top 2. Another great success for us was, of course, winning the MCG Qualification. At this point we gained confidence, which allowed us to play the remaining matches with an overwhelming advantage, finishing many of them with a 5:0 score. World of Tanks fans finally recognised us as a strong team and the pre-battle betting ratio was in our favour from that moment. And we think we deserve this; our team has worked hard to achieve these results for many seasons already.
We appreciate all that Wargaming and ESL have done recently and we'd like to thank everyone who supports our team, votes for us and watches our matches, or just cheers us when we meet in random matches.
This season is a great opportunity for us, and we are preparing hard to show our best at the offline finals. Don't miss it; apparently it will be epic.

- _Ronnie_, Team Captain


Because GGWP finished second in the offline tournament, they are automatically through to the second day of the Season 5 Finals. You can cheer them on via our WGLEU channel, and be sure to watch Day One of the finals to see who they’ll be battling! Can GGWP take it all the way and become the champions?


See you in Sofia, Bulgaria!