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Go4WoT Monthly Report - October

The European League qualifiers are finishing soon and our Wargaming Europe tournaments continue running. However, it’s the time of the month again when we direct our attention to the turmoil of the regular, yet outstanding, eSports players who play every week!

 It’s time to review the month and see what came out of the endless struggle:

Go4WoT #131

1st place: Virtus.PRO

(400 Euro + 100 points)

2nd place: Kazna Kru 

(250 Euro + 75 points)

3rd place: DeNova.WoT 

(200 Euro + 60 points)


Two of the European League teams went at it in the finals; Kazna Kru and Virtus.PRO. In a tight best-of-three, Virtus.PRO edged ahead. They are never an easy team to win against, especially on one of their favourite maps – Ensk. DeNova couldn’t quite make it to the finals but managed a solid third place against Voluspa.

Raffle Winners:
  • ESL Premium account (90 days): chesiek
  • ESL Premium account (90 days): shashaveli
  • KV-5: Junior32


Go4WoT #132

1st place: Team Dignitas.WoT

 (400 Euro + 100 points)

2nd place: The RED Rush: Unity 

 (250 Euro + 75 points)

3rd placeDeNova.WoT

 (200 Euro + 60 points)


After a successful week at the Golden League Season 2 finals where they placed second, The RED Rush: Unity faced another challenge - Season 1 winners of the European League, Team Dignitas. It proved too much and they lost narrowly 2-1.

Raffle Winners:
  • ESL Premium account (90 days): Kriegseisen
  • ESL Premium account (90 days): hanouja
  • KV-5: TosiPukki


Go4WoT #133

1st placemousesports 

(400 Euro + 100 points)

2nd placeWUSA 

(250 Euro + 75 points)

3rd place : Virtus.PRO 

(200 Euro + 60 points)


Finally, after many attempts, mousesports successfully won the Go4WoT, beating German team WUSA 2-0 in the finals on Ensk.  Bitange, a team that has been around for a while, burst on to the scene with a solid 4th place. They lost out to WUSA in the semi-finals and Virtus.PRO in the small finals.  

Raffle Winners:
  • ESL Premium account (90 days): Derp
  • ESL Premium account (90 days): BoleT_84
  • KV-5: Orzel1313


Go4WoT #134

1st placeVirtus.PRO

(400 Euro + 100 points

2nd placeWASD Gaming 

(250 Euro + 75 points)

3rd placeLucky Kuraki

(200 Euro + 60 points)


With the WCG finals on the weekend, Virtus.PRO did not have to face their arch rivals Team Dignitas. However, they came up against WASD Gaming, a team that has progressed tremendously. Unfortunately they couldn’t quite beat Virtus.PRO but they took a very respectable second. Former League team Lucky Kuraki also seems to be on their way, winning against another Polish team Torpeda to clinch third with a 2-1 result.

Raffle Winners:
  • ESL Premium account (90 days): hubikoepfchen
  • ESL Premium account (90 days): Odino86
  • KV-5: ivanvrx


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