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Go4WoT #100 - Twice the Winners!

Go4WoT is a series of events organised jointly by Wargaming and the Electronic Sports League (ESL) in which you can win real money! This week, it is the 100th edition of Go4WoT!  We are celebrating this notable occasion by rewarding twice as many winners for this week only!

For Go4WoT 100, the prize pool has much more gold in it to be won! On top of the regular prizes for places 1-64, all those teams which manage to achieve places 65-128 will be rewarded with 3500 gold (500 gold per player)! Want to know more? Come and take part in this special edition of the Go4WoT tournament!

The next battle will be the 100th ESL Go4WoT cup and will take place on Sunday March 3rd. Simply find six friends or teammates, create an ESL team and you will have the chance to winning between €100 and €400!

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If you want to learn more about Go4WoT and its rules, please visit our Go4WoT page!