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Virtus.PRO wins Season 2 of the League

The World of Tanks Pro League is currently the biggest Wargaming tournament you can participate in. During gamescom 2013 we hosted the finals of the second season of the League with a 100,000 Euro prize pool, and the show delivered by the pro-players was the best one yet! The entire stream was full of surprises  both in and out of game.

Day One

After the first day, we got Kazna Kru’s captain, still_mojo to comment on their surprisingly good performance: “We did it because we wanted to fight Virtus.PRO in the final match for the first place. We had some great matches against them earlier during the qualifier and we think that we really do stand a chance.”

The big surprise of the first day was that the Season One winners, Team Dignitas, weren’t able to make it to gamescom for the tournament, despite having scored enough points to automatically qualify for the second day.

As a result of their absence, we had to adjust the brackets of the tournament and decided to let three of the teams playing on the first day to pass to the second day. This change meant that DeNova, the team who lost the second match of the loser’s bracket would face Virtus.PRO, the World of Tanks Pro League favourite.

Kazna Kru on the other hand, by many considered to be the underdog of the tournament finals (with probably the biggest amount of fans from all the teams in the finals) managed to surprise everyone. First they managed to crush DeNova 3:1 and later had some amazing games with Evil Panda Squad, eventually winning 3:2!

Mousesports on the other hand surprised us with a rather unimpressive performance during the first day. Although they managed to finish third in the general score and were expected to play during the second day, they first lost against EPS 3:0 and then, after dropping to the loser’s bracket, scored a close loss against DeNova. Unfortunately those two losses in the row resulted in them dropping out of the finals of the second season. We wish them better luck next time!


Day Two

The second day of the finals opened with DeNova confronting Virtus.PRO. The Russian Bear won the first match, but stumbled a bit afterwards. As a result of that, DeNova won two clean battles in a row. Unfortunately for DeNova, Virtus.PRO didn’t accept the possibility of only fighting for third place and finally got their act together  to win two more battles, scoring an epic victory on Mines and securing their participation in the match for first place!

The second match of the day was very decisive, as the winner would be the team to face Virtus.PRO in the battle for the first place and 50,000 Euros. EPS and Kazna were both eager to accept that challenge and took the game very seriously. The games were fast, without tanks stopping even for a moment to waste time and within a short moment we knew that Evil Panda Squad was superior, scoring a 3:0 payback victory for the first day when they lost equally bad against Kazna Kru.

The third match was an explosion of adrenaline and tension. Kazna Kru showed their skill, tactics and determination and managed to grind the score up to 2:0 in their favour. The second battle against DeNova was particularly tense, when two almost destroyed IS-3 tanks on DeNova’s side faced an almost completely destroyed AMX 50 100 with the support of a T1 Cunningham. The poor little scout played his role extremely well, and the two players coordinated their game for two last minutes of the battle keeping the audience in tension. When the last shot was fired, the crowd exploded with cheers and shouted. The third match was the nail to DeNovas coffin as they met on Prokhorovka and Kazna showed their best side completely obliterating their foes. A swift, 3:0 victory! Kazna Kru finally got their third place on the podium!

The match for the first place was a bit more one sided than the previous ones. Evil Panda Squad did their best to stand tall under the pressure of the Russian giant, but fell at the end. World of Tanks has once again proven to be a game of skill and determination. First place went to Virtus.PRO while second went to Evil Panda Squad.


Thanks for watching and see you in the third season!