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Tank Football 2016


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to the high popularity of “Tank Football 2016” we have decided to prolong the registration period until 21 June 22:00 CEST. You now have more time to gather your dream team! This will allow the teams which applied to the tournament but have not yet confirmed all team players to do so. Captains please do not forget to press the “Confirm team” button! 


IMPORTANT: Any attempt to gain an unfair game advantage or otherwise abuse the game mechanics will result in penalties and removal from the football mode and the tournament.

Pull off epic saves, dribble your way through the enemy lines and score amazing goals! If that sounds appealing to you, then lace your shoes, step into your tank, and roll onto the football field to compete with other football enthusiasts in this exclusive tournament. Rewards and shiny medals await! 



 (registration is open from 1 June to 21 June) 


Group Stage 1Group Stage 2Playoff Stage 1:Playoff Stage 2:Continental Finals: 
23 June  28 June  4 July 5 July 9 July 

Rewards and medals!

The Top 4 teams in Europe will receive: 1 year of Premium and one Type 59 per player. They will also get the chance to compete against the best russian teams for a prize pool of $5000!


 Progression Rewards and medal (per player, unless otherwise specified)
 Registration and participation.  
 Group stage 1  

1: crew XP 200% 2h + qualification to the next round

2: crew 200% 1h + qualification to the next round

3: crew 100% 2h + qualification to the next round

4: crew 50% 4h

5: crew 50% 4h

6: crew 50% 4h

 Group stage 2  

1: exp 100% 2h + qualification to the next round

2: exp 100% 1h + qualification to the next round

3: exp 50% 2h

4: exp 50% 1h

5: exp 50% 1h

6: exp 50% 1h

 Advance to play-off 1  
 Play-off 1  1/32 and up: 1 premium day
 Play-off 2  1/32 and up: 3 premium days

 Advance to final stage

(European finals)


1 year premium

Type 59

 3-4th place  $600 per team (at PayPal)
 2nd place  $1200 per team (at PayPal)
 1st place


$2600 per team (at PayPal)


Tournament details: 

              • Group Stage 1: 23 June  (reserve day: 24 June):

All the registered teams are divided into groups for 10 teams and play a round robin tournament (everyone plays against everyone). The top 3 teams from each group advance to the group stage 2. 

The Winner of a match receives 3 points. A draw, or a loss, grants 0 point.

              • Group Stage 2: 28 June (reserve day: 29 June)

The top teams from the group stage 1 are once again divided into groups of 10 teams and play another round robin tournament. The top 2 teams from each group advance to the Playoff stage. 

              • Playoff Stage 1: 4 July

The teams are divided into single-elimination brackets.

              • Playoff stage 2: 5 July

The 64 remaining teams from the playoff stage 1 advance to playoff 2. They are divided into 4 separate playoff brackets at the 1/8 stage. 

              • Continental Finals: 9 July 

The four winning teams of the Playoff stage 2 battle against the 4 best teams from the CIS region in the finals. 



The playoffs and finals will be broadcasted in several languages and everyone will be able to enjoy the passion and the heat of World of Tanks football! More information will be provided soon. 



Roll out!