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Follow Wargaming eSports

The Wargaming Europe eSports team is growing and so is the amount of events you can participate in. Giveaways and contests are run on our main twitter feed during live streams, and tournaments are happening in more regular intervals than ever.

We are aware that it’s harder and harder to keep up with everything important on the Wargaming eSports scene and that is why we’re making the information more accessible for you. The eSports team is running a Twitter account and the team members are maintaining their own accounts on top of that. This way you’ll get all the information you need in a simplified form so that sorting out what is interesting for you will be even easier!

If you want to receive a regular feed of all the most important information, follow us. Don’t miss your chance to participate in contests and giveaways happening during live streams of our events!

Wargaming Europe’s main eSports twitter channel: WG_eSports_EU


The eSports Manager: Simon „Bump“ Bennett

Our eSports Coordinators: Piotr „0xyde“ Pilich Hasib „Berbo“ Uzejrovic, Kamila „Alpacalypse“ Wycinka and Atila „Kejjak“ Yesildag


Follow the competitive scene and learn from the best!