The Final Battle: Who's to fear for our European teams?

The countdown to The Final Battle has finally begun! Our top European teams are getting ready to take on their counterparts from around the globe in what is setting up to be a showdown of epic proportions. Twelve teams, a $300,000 prize pool, and only one winner for the most coveted prize of all: the title of Champion of World of Tanks.  

Watch the matches  

There will be tank action on our channel every day from December 13th to December 17th. The decisive final match will occur on the stage of WG Fest in Moscow, on 23rd December.    

Europe's line-up

As a region, what are our chances to win the event and ultimately plant a beautiful European banner on Russian soil? Fortunately, the three top squads we're sending to Russia have an arguably high level and the potential to wreak havoc: 

First up is DiNG. Triple European Champions and finalists at the previous Grand Finals, they will sit among the top dogs in Moscow. Next is Kazna Kru, finalists this season and always a solid runner-up with substantial Grand Finals experience. And finally there's Oops, a smart team that's been on the rise this year. Now, who are we battling with?   


Review of the opposing forces

As is usually the case, the EU eSports team is excited for this event, and everyone has their opinion on what could, should, or might happen. Below is a brief summary of our collective biased opinion. 

  • Rush (CIS)
  • Unique (CIS)
  • Elevate (NA)
  • Top Tier Gaming (NA)
  • YaTo RSGaming (APAC)
  • Seven Pirates (APAC)

Do you remember the scene, in the classic movie “2001: a space odyssey”, where the monkey grabs a bone and literally goes ape on a defenceless fellow monkey, in the most gruesome way? Well in the CIS, Tornado Energy does just that. Only they do it with Tanks. They’ve been doing it for years. It’s like they have figured out how to play the game before anybody in the race, and quite frankly, it’s not certain whether any other team can be a match.

Level of danger for the EU teams: Out of this world

Rush (CIS)

A relatively new team with a relatively unknown name? Shouldn't be much of a threat. Unless they are former Na'Vi... Which they are. "Tough luck, Chuck." Or is your name not Chuck? Well it's the same for them, their name is not Na'Vi, it's Rush. But chances are, they still play better than you... Or anybody else.

Enough with the nonsense. Rush have one of the most accomplished rosters in the history of World of Tanks. They are multiple time World Champions, and wouldn't pass on the opportunity to add a new trophy to their collection.

Level of danger for the EU teams: Out of this world

Unique (CIS)

To get an idea of their level, you can pretty much trust their logo: if you get close, it will sting. In other words, this team is beaucoup beaucoup strong. Muito forte. Bardzo silna. They have put on an excellent performance this season, culminating in a deserved spot in the finals, where they were unable to defeat Tornado Energy (4-7). Nevertheless, they are a powerhouse in the CIS, and everybody is waiting for their time to arrive. Could it be now?

Level of danger for the EU teams: High

Elevate (NA)

A dominant force in NA for three seasons now, Elevate will attempt to break through the group stage. If they manage to do that, could they use the momentum and shine in the later competition against opponents of a higher calibre than what they are used to? Maybe, but most people think EU > NA. We'll see if they can prove it wrong.

Level of danger for the EU teams: Average

Top Tier Gaming (NA)

Team Top Tier is new on the international scene, and as such, they will be the designated underdogs in Moscow. They did however offer the North American fans some quality games in the recent WGLNA finals, first taking out eClipse in the semis, and then losing only to the more experienced lineup of Elevate.

Realistically speaking, can they take out the top dogs? We think not, and we have no argument to support this opinion. We just don't feel it. But we definitely hope they prove us wrong, because we secretly support the underdogs, and we know you do too. Plus, their logo is pretty cool.

Level of danger for the EU teams: Risk-free


YaTo RSGaming (APAC)

Present in every Grand Finals since 2014, this team managed to battle their way into the League APAC through the Silver Mavericks qualifier tournament, and soon rose to the top of the Gold Series, before eventually coming away with their first-ever APAC League championship title. If their meteoric rise through the ranks over the last few months is anything to go by, they’ll definitely be a team to watch in the Final Battle.

Level of danger for the EU teams: Average

Seven Pirates (APAC)

All eyes will be on the Chinese team as they make their debut amongst the international heavyweights. Though their relative lack of offline experience could potentially prove a disadvantage, Seven Pirate's rise in APAC over the past year has been nothing short of stunning. Nevertheless, although their logo inspires fear, we have our doubts they can make anyone walk the plank.

Level of danger for the EU teams: Risk-free

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