The WoT European Championship 2017: the National Champions Arise


Many of you have played in the first stage of the 2017 European Championships, in the hopes of scoring some nice rewards and representing your country at gamescom. But only a handful of skilled players have now earned the privilege of being called national champions.


The group stage of the European Championship starts on 17-18 July at 19:00 CEST. The qualified countries will then move on to play the playoffs stage, on 22 July at 17:00 CEST (UTC +2). 

You can watch the matches live on Facebook, Twitch and Youtube.

For this interview, we decided to give the spotlight to a lesser known team. Let's see what the Champions of Luxembourg have to say!

Hello, ElyzionYou have proven yourselves as the top 3v3 team in your country. Did you expect to get this far? 

We did expect to make it this far, after most of the teams had been disqualified for not being from Luxembourg. We only had to play the finals against a team that was weaker on paper. However, for the first round, one of our players had connection issues, and crashed his tank, not being able to do anything. The other team surprised us with the use of three tank destroyers. We barely won 2v3, and there was a lot of stress and yelling on Discord. The second victory was much smoother, as the connection issues had faded and we were able to surround our ennemies. All in all, for the few minutes it took, it was a lot of fun. Also, our "enemies" were really respectful, and we had a cool little chat afterwards. They even wished us good luck representing our country. A very nice experience!

How did you find the level of the competition so far?

The level has not been too high as of now, but coming from a little country, we expect to encounter a lot more competition very soon. Honestly, we don't think we're up to the challenge, but whatever, it will be fun.

What tanks and playstyle do you favour in this competition? Do you always play with the same setup?

We had a healthy mix of heavy, super heavy, and autoloader. We had a few back up plans, but as this set up worked, we were sticking with plan A.

Anything else you would like to say? Do you want to say hi to someone?  

A thank you to my teammates Hakimbo and Drakovich, they took it seriously, and we had a lot of fun. Now we can tell other people we're national champions! We'll just leave the bit out where we should also tell them there were only two teams... A big thank you to Wargaming as well, for the time we have played, but also for the tournament. We had never tried this feature before, and we were surprised at how easy everything was to set up.

Thank you!  


Before we proceed to the next phase, we would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to all of the participants, and especially to the newly crowned champions for their victory. We hope that having the opportunity to represent your country on World of Tanks makes you proud! 


It's a call for glory!