The WoT European Championship: and the winner is...


After defeating the previous champions team Finland, the Belgian players are the new 3v3 kings of Europe! What an incredible performance by them. 

Thanks to their accomplishment, they flew back to Brussels on Saturday morning with top-notch Alienware laptops in their luggage. Team Finland (2nd place) will soon receive WoT-branded chairs delivered to their homes, while teams Bulgaria and Germany will now enjoy the sounds of their favourite game World of Tanks with their brand new Logitech headphones. Of course, we also showered them all with various other goodies, including backpacks, wristbands, t-shirts, and even yoyos! Yes, yoyos!

As you can see, our 12 finalists all had a blast in Cologne. The Championship gave them the amazing opportunity to freely roam one of the biggest gaming festivals in the world for two consecutive days, something they will remember for a very long time! 

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