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eSports Congress in Valencia (Spain)


If you are an eSport fan, you may have noticed that despite many organisations forming and taking their places in the scene, and despite having grown and made their place in the eSport world, there has been little communication between them!  The time has now come for the different companies and professionals to meet, discuss and analyse the industry and its development.

The Valencia eSports Congress is the stage where all the actors of the eSports industry can meet and talk about all different aspects of eSports, to assess the present and to direct the future. The agenda for panel of guests attending the event includes the influence of eSports in game development, the collaboration between promoters and whether there is a need for an international federation.

Bump, our eSport manager for Europe, will be there at the 15:00 CEST panel and will be discussing the subject of eSports as a global phenomenon. Want to see the panels for yourself?  You can have a front row ticket at the conference by tuning into a livestream to follow all the action!


Have a nice day, eSports fans!