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eSport Movie Clip Hunt

The first season of the World of Tanks Pro League is over and so we want to create a video summary of all epicness that happened during the last few months. This is where you and your chance for World (of Tanks) fame comes in!

We need your help! The rules are simple – You just need to take a look at the DreamHack videos such as the replays or any of the stream videos.  If you spot any particularly interesting, memorable or funny moments, then we want you to post about them in that video’s associated thread on the forum.

This contest is running from now on! You have until 23:00 CEST (GMT+2) on Sunday, 14th July to submit your entries. 

What is an interesting moment? It can be anything you feel people would like to watch as a 1-2 second part of a long clip of cut scenes. It can be anything from a show of skill, to an accident resulting in driving a tank off a cliff into a lake. You have to be the first one to spot the exact moment as only the first person to post about it will get the honourable mention, so don’t wait too long!

A comment reporting an important game moment must include a link to the stream recording / replay, the time and a short description of the incident. The best picks will be used in our upcoming World of Tanks Pro League Season One Recap video and if they do, your nickname will be listed in the credits of the video!


Join the hunt and find the best clip on your way to World of Tanks fame!